Electronic Music Readers – An Update   Recently updated !

So, I’ve been using my as an electronic music reader for the past several months, and I thought a bit of an update from my original post was in order […]

samsung pro portrait mode with music

The Theory Behind Stopping The Horn

In honor of releasing his newest CD, “No Limits”, Frank Lloyd has put together three different videos describing his playing and I thought his video about hand-stopping was quite interesting. […]


Google Fiber Update – Starting SOON!

This tweet, from a Courier-Journal reporter, is quite exciting! JUST IN: #Louisville‘s innovation chief @Greendrv confirms @googlefiber will begin building in the Portland area on June 13. #LouWestEnd — Phillip […]

Google Vision For Ad-Free(ish) Internet

ds to Some interesting news regarding Google’s Chrome browser, internet ads, and a little-known Google program called Google Contributor. Google Contributor – Old and New I’ve written about Google Contributor […]