The Theory Behind Stopping The Horn

In honor of releasing his newest CD, “No Limits”, Frank Lloyd has put together three different videos describing his playing and I thought his video about hand-stopping was quite interesting. […]

Google Fiber Update – Starting SOON!

This tweet, from a Courier-Journal reporter, is quite exciting! JUST IN: #Louisville‘s innovation chief @Greendrv confirms @googlefiber will begin building in the Portland area on June 13. #LouWestEnd — Phillip […]


Google Vision For Ad-Free(ish) Internet

ds to Some interesting news regarding Google’s Chrome browser, internet ads, and a little-known Google program called Google Contributor. Google Contributor – Old and New I’ve written about Google Contributor […]

MuseScore + IMSLP = OpenScore

A new project and Kickstarter recently announced by Edward Guo, founder of IMSLP and Thomas Bonte, CEO and co-founder of MuseScore, aims to take music into the digital age with […]

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