Marching Mellophone
Nothing. Well, almost nothing (I kid – mostly). John Ericson, Horn Professor at Arizona State University, and one of the¬†founders of the French horn website, has a book about playing the various marching horns called A Mello Catechism: A Guide to the World of Mellophones and Marching Horns. This […]

What do “playing musically” and the mellophone have in common?

Most intermediate to advanced horn players have at least some sort of warm-up routine. While warm-up routines are great for maintaining and improving your playing, I find that periodically mixing things up can really highlight blind spots in your playing or help with certain repertoire demands that aren’t encountered on […]

20+ Warm-up Routines Available Online

French horn tuning
Over the past several years of teaching, I’ve noticed that lots of students (and a few directors here and there) are thoroughly confused about the proper procedure to tune a French horn. Many students aren’t even sure what all the different slides (anywhere between 8-10) actually do! John Ericson also […]

New Page: Tuning the French Horn

recording equipment for horn
If you’re looking for a way to get into recording the horn, Dr. James Boldin has a nice article on his current recording setup on his website. According to his post, he was looking for something a bit more advanced and flexible than a handheld Minidisc or digital recorder (like […]

Basic Gear for Recording

Feeling rushed can hurt your practice
Carrying on from my post a couple of weeks ago about finding time to practice (and just about anything else you need or want to do), this post from Bulletproof Musician illustrates some of the downsides of being rushed. The Iowa Gambling Task The article goes into more detail (definitely […]

Being (or Feeling) Rushed Can Hurt Your Practice

If you’ve never heard of Seth Godin, and you’re in any type of entrepreneurial or customer-focused field (like musicians and teachers), you should check him out. His daily blog entries are both incredibly insightful and ridiculously short. Take this 7-sentence entry posted a few weeks ago as an example. Short, […]

Don’t want to practice? Listen to this instead.

calendar schedule
The past couple of years, I’ve been on a pretty big productivity kick. I’ve read books, blogs, downloaded apps, and watched Youtube videos, all in an effort to try to maximize my ability to do things quickly and effectively. I’m still pretty far from where I feel I should be […]

No time to practice? Here’s how to do it!

As I mentioned in my previous post about making the jump from Android to iOS, I’m really enjoying some of the things that Apple has to offer (although there are many that baffle me). One of the things I’m enjoying most, though, is Apple’s approach to privacy from 3rd parties […]

How Google Knows So Much About You (Hint: It’s your ...