2017-2018 All-State Etudes (+Recordings and Tips) 2

It’s almost August, which means that it’s time to start preparing for All-State (once band camp is finished, that is)!

To make things a bit easier, hopefully, I’ve made recordings of the two French horn All-State/All-District etudes at their recommended tempos with some practice tips!

The two etudes this year are from the same books as last year, Kopprasch and Shoemaker, and they are fairly straightforward in their different challenges.

If you’ve been working on your scales, arpeggios, dynamics, slurs, and articulation, then these etudes shouldn’t present too much of a challenge. If not, though, make sure you get started soon!

Check out the etude recordings and some practice tips here.

About Colin Dorman

Colin is a freelance horn player and teacher, as well as a fan of tech of all sorts, aviation, and increasingly complex flight simulators. He also enjoys beer, bourbon and fitness - but not at the same time. You can find him on Facebook, Twitter, as well as right here at ColinDorman.com!

  • Marie-Sonja Cotineau

    Hi Colin! My name is Marie-Sonja and I’m a horn player/teacher in DFW, Texas. I was just looking for ideas for the band camps I’m teaching at, and I came across this page! I just wanted to say: great website!! It’s very well designed and there is so much information on here! I like the apps list and the mouthpiece comparison chart. I’m looking forward to reading more on your blog!

    • Thanks, Marie-Sonja!

      I’m glad my site has been useful and given you ideas for your own students. One of the big reasons I made this site was to try and provide resources for my students and their parents so that I don’t have to keep writing the same email or explaining the same things over and over. It’s not only been helpful to them, but also (hopefully) a lot of other students and teachers!

      In my non-music free time, I am a web developer, so this was also a fun side-project to work on my own site instead of other peoples! Let me know if there’s anything else that I can help you with!