Kentucky All-State Horn Etudes for 2015-16

Kentucky All-State Horn Etudes, 2015-16

To go straight to each etude’s page, click here for All-State #1 and click here for All-State #2!

The All-State audition etudes for 2015-2016 have been released, and here they are:

All-State #1

All-State #1, measures 1-18 from Kopprasch

All-State #2 measures 1-32

All-State #2, measures 1-32 (no repeat) from Mueller

I’m going to try to get a recording and walkthrough done as soon as possible – hopefully this week or next – but here are a couple of hints to get started.

EDIT: They are up, check out All-State #1 and All-State #2 recording and walkthrough.

  • It should go without saying, but make sure you understand how to read bass clef. There are numerous tutorials online (here is one to get you started), but pay attention to the octaves. Horn reads bass clef in two different ways – old notation and new notation – and both etudes here are written in old notation. This means that the notes in bass clef are written one octave below where they should be. For example, in etude #2, measure 2, that first note is a middle C (the same pitch as the 2nd and 3rd notes in measure 1), and the next note is the octave below middle C.
  • For #1, Andante is a “walking” tempo – not especially slow – but make sure there is no rhythmic “hiccup” caused by the large changes in range and direction between 4-note groups.
  • For #2, this is an etude in the style of the scherzo (an important style word – look it up) 2nd movement from Beethoven’s very famous 9th symphony. Listen to this movement on Youtube to get an idea of the style (although not necessarily your final tempo!).
  • For both, try to figure out the key of the various scale and arpeggio chunks. This will make noticing “out-of-place” notes much easier. Etude #1 is pretty easy, there are some trickier things in #2.

Finally, here are links to .PDF files of the above images, if you need them.

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