Need a Music Stand? Sale at Amazon!

If you’re in need of an inexpensive and portable music stand, you may want to check out this Amazon deal – a folding metal music stand, plus carrying case, for $14. It’s also Prime eligible, so if you have Amazon Prime you can get it in 2 days!

I have some students that practice with the music propped up on a bookshelf or chair (or even worse, laying flat on a desk/bed!), so if you need a music stand, this one appears great for the price. 4.5 stars with 42 reviews. I have a stand like this that I keep in my car in case I show up to a gig and need and stand – it has payed for itself on more occasions than I can remember!

If you’re looking for something more sturdy, I just got a Peak folding music stand, and although I’ve only had it for about a week, it appears to be a great product. Peak offers several different stands, the SMS-20 is the base model, with steel and plastic components and a max height of 47 inches. The SMS-30 is the same construction, but a max height of 59 inches. The SMS-40 is similar to the SMS-20 (same max height) but uses aluminum instead of steel to reduce the weight a bit. The SMS-50 is the same variation for the SMS-30 (max height of 59 inches, aluminum and plastic) and is a little bit lighter than the SMS-30. However, they are all a step up from the traditional wire-frame stands.

All four models come with a carrying bag and they all not only collapse the base into a compact and easy-to-store-or-carry form, but also collapse the music desk into a much smaller space, while also having the solid music desk when assembled.

This means that they can hold much more music (and much more securely) than a wire stand – especially great for outdoor gigs (where wind can be a nightmare) or quintet gigs (which often have large binders full of music)!

So far, it seems to work great – it’s both stable and it folds up quite nicely into it’s carrying case. My primary stand is a Manhasset Orchestra stand, and while it’s great the lack of folding feet and the full-size music desk make it a pain to try and carry in my car. I look forward to using the Peak stand much more in the near future!

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