Project Fi frustration
I’ve written a little bit about Google’s cell phone provider – Project Fi. You can read a bit about Project Fi here and a bit about data savings for Project Fi here. In general, my wife and I have been pretty happy with the Fi service and savings. Be warned: […]

Stay Away from Project Fi – Maybe   Recently updated !

samsung pro portrait mode with music
So, I’ve been using my as an electronic music reader for the past several months, and I thought a bit of an update from my original post was in order for those of you that may be curious or considering making the switch for yourself. Advantages Handy Music One the […]

Electronic Music Readers – An Update   Recently updated !

It’s almost August, which means that it’s time to start preparing for All-State (once band camp is finished, that is)! To make things a bit easier, hopefully, I’ve made recordings of the two French horn All-State/All-District etudes at their recommended tempos with some practice tips! The two etudes this year […]

2017-2018 All-State Etudes (+Recordings and Tips)

samsung pro portrait mode with music
As both a classical musician and a fan of technology, I’m always looking for ways to combine these two to improve both my playing and my teaching. Since I destroyed a music bag last year by overloading it, I’ve been looking for a better way to carry around music for […]

Electronic Music Readers – iPads, Android, and More

It’s been a bit long in coming, but I’ve finally added a new post to my French Horn Boot Camp series – this time I’ve covered fingering charts. Things I’ve covered: The Hidden Problem with Fingering Charts While horn fingering charts are pretty simple in general, they don’t give you all the […]

New French Horn Boot Camp Page: Fingering Charts

In honor of releasing his newest CD, “No Limits”, Frank Lloyd has put together three different videos describing his playing and I thought his video about hand-stopping was quite interesting. Hand-stopping – How AND Why In the video, he describes a bit about the specific technique of hand-stopping, but he […]

The Theory Behind Stopping The Horn

This tweet, from a Courier-Journal reporter, is quite exciting! JUST IN: #Louisville‘s innovation chief @Greendrv confirms @googlefiber will begin building in the Portland area on June 13. #LouWestEnd — Phillip M. Bailey (@phillipmbailey) June 7, 2017 Not only because we now have a start date for the beginning of Google […]

Google Fiber Update – Starting SOON!

ds to Some interesting news regarding Google’s Chrome browser, internet ads, and a little-known Google program called Google Contributor. Google Contributor – Old and New I’ve written about Google Contributor before. Google Contributor was a program to allow users to send a certain amount of money to Google ($10-$50), and […]

Google Vision For Ad-Free(ish) Internet