Christmas Gadgets, Cheap Amazon Prime!

If you’re wanting to get a jump on your Christmas shopping and get into the tablet game (or get a tablet for someone else) Amazon’s Fire HD tablets are on […]

Fix Your Focus, Improve Your Playing

Focus, especially when playing a piece with many challenging sections, can often make the difference between a successful performance and a not-quite-successful performance. However according to a recent study on […]

practice focus

Google Assistant vs Siri

Google Assistant vs Siri: Video

A new Youtube video by tech blogger MKBHD gives a good look at the two most advanced voice assistants available today. It’s a showdown with Google Assistant and Apple’s Siri! […]

Google Pixel Phone Initial Reviews Released

The Google Pixel and Pixel XL phones announced earlier this month at Google’s latest hardware event aren’t quite out yet (they will be in stores and arrive on doorsteps on […]

google pixel phone