Some interesting developments for the  in the past few weeks! Echo Look The first one, announced a couple of weeks ago was the . This is, I guess, a fashion lover’s dream, with a camera that can be controlled by your voice and the ability to check your look with both […]

New Amazon Echo Devices: Echo Look and Echo Show

The future of horn playing
A new post over at by John Ericson about the future of French horn playing raise some very interesting points about the negative side of “traditional pedagogy”, and raises quite a few good points for teachers (and students) who want to continue to move forward. Tradition Vs. Progress The […]

Tradition vs Progress in Horn Pedagogy and Playing

french horn mouthpiece comparison chart
It’s been a bit long in coming, but I’ve finally updated my “Choosing A Mouthpiece” page! I’ve been adjusting things for a couple of years, and I finally updated the page to reflect this. This information may only be useful to die-hard mouthpiece nerds, but since that’s probably a large […]

Updated: Choosing a Mouthpiece page

Most brass players know the importance of a good warm-up. This is probably the single most important session of playing that you do each day since it gives you a chance to focus on the basics of playing. If you’re curious about some of the exercises that I use with […]

Minimum Viable Warm-up – Never Feel Unprepared for Playing!

New John Williams/Steven Spielberg Album
If you’re a fan of John Williams’ movie music (and what brass player isn’t?) then this new release may interest you: John Williams & Steven Spielberg: The Ultimate Collection Box set This is a 4-disc collection (if you’re old school – also available as MP3s) featuring lots of classic Williams/Spielberg collaborations […]

New John Williams/Steven Spielberg Album Out

If you’ve done much buying or selling online, then you probably don’t have to be told that there are hundreds of potential scams that you have to watch out for. It turns out that (unsurprisingly) even smaller websites dedicated to selling horn-related material are a target for some scam attempts. Despite […]

Not Even Horn Mouthpieces Are Safe From Internet Scams

Practice Slump
If you’re like most people, at times you’ve struggled with making progress in the practice room. Sometimes it seems that you can slave away for hours, days, or weeks and make little to no progress (or even regress!). When you feel like your in a practice slump like this, I […]

In a Practice Slump? This 5-minute Video Can Help

I’ve updated my French horn right hand position page! It was a bit sparse to begin with, and I wanted to add a few more resources that I’ve discovered over the past couple of years. If you’ve experienced inconsistent intonation, a muffled or stuffy sound, or difficulty “locking-in” to notes […]

Update: French Horn Right Hand Position Page!