Every year the University of Louisville puts on a clinic to help high school players around the state with the All-State etudes. Each instrument has its own instructor (usually the University professor for that instrument), but this week the UofL brass faculty are doing a tour of Japan, so I […]

2018 KY All-State Horn Clinic Notes

Although it seems like the school year just started a few weeks ago, this a pretty crucial time for the rest of your semester (and year). To me, it seems, that these next few weeks determine how the rest of your school year will go. For students here in Kentucky […]

A Single Habit Now Can Save You Lots of Stress ...

This time of year, most students (or at least most of my students) are beginning to work more diligently on their All-State music. While July and August are taken up with marching band camps and some intense after-school rehearsals, by the end of September most schools are doing at least […]

Practice Roadblocks? 2 Quick Fixes to Try First!

A doctoral dissertation by tubist Golden Lund from the University of Nebraska takes a look at one of the biggest challenges facing any perspective orchestral player – audition preparation. In his document, he examines how different (successful) teachers prepare their students for auditions – looking for similarities and differences that […]

3 Famous Tuba Players Talk Audition Preparation

be your own motor
It’s been about a month since my last blog post mentioning Seth Godin, so it’s about time to bring him up again. This blog post from August 1 of this year sums up one of the biggest casualties from our increasingly reactive environment: self-motivation. Many things we do now put […]

Be Your Own Motor

It looks like Julie Landsman is making the rounds to all sorts of different musical blogs, and her insights continue to be both interesting and energizing! A few weeks ago I posted about several different interviews that Julie Landsman has done – two different Horn Hangouts with Sarah Willis, an […]

Another [Great] Julie Landsman Interview!

It’s mid-August in Kentucky, which means two things: Marching band is gearing up, and that means school isn’t far around the corner! The All-State music is out, which means those are auditions are just around the corner The two All-State etudes for this year are from the same books as […]

2018-19 All-State Horn Etudes Out (+Recordings and Tips)

Since I’ve become a bit of a productivity nut, one new thing I’m going to try out over the next few months is adding some reviews of some of the best books that I read that I find insightful, inspiring, or just plain useful. I’m going to start this off […]

Book Review: The War of Art by Steve Pressfield