The International Horn Society is having its 50th IHS Symposium this week in Muncie, IN at Ball State University and hosted by Gene Berger. You can find out some more information about the symposium and its schedule on the Official IHS 50 website. If you’re a horn nerd (or an […]

IHS 50th Symposium is THIS WEEK!

If you’ve been in band or orchestra for any length of time, then the constant badgering from directors, sectional coaches, and private teachers to “practice your scales” is probably very familiar. If you’ve taught band, orchestra, sectionals, or private lessons, then the almost-automatic eye roll from students when you tell them […]

Scales, Caring, and Cursing

Earlier this year I got an email from a developer, asking me to review a new tuner app. It looked interesting, and while I am just now getting around to it (sorry!), here is my look at the available on iOS. Hz Intonation Images Hz Intonation At-A-Glance Review Pros: Simple […]

App Review: Hz Intonation

It probably comes as no surprise, but being a professional musician comes with a lot of compromises to a “normal” lifestyle. Odd working hours, working on holidays, needing to maintain a high baseline level of playing; the behind-the-scenes of a musician is not always glamorous. For me, at least, that […]

Can You Practice on Vacation WITHOUT Your Instrument?

samsung pro open
I posted awhile ago about moving from paper to digital music (you can find the original article here, and an update posted after a few months here), and so far I’ve quite enjoyed the change. While the vast majority of people who use digital music readers use iPads, I elected […]

Life with a Chromebook – 1 Year In

Looking for a bit of online horn reading for your summer break? A new (to me, at least) resource on the University of Iowa’s Horn Studio page has a fairly comprehensive list of instruments played by today’s biggest names in horn playing. It doesn’t have every single horn player, of […]

Some Links for Summer Horn Reading

I think that it goes without saying that Julie Landsman has had an incredible and inspiring career. Julie was the principal horn of the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra for an incredible 25 years (1985-2010), a teacher at Julliard since 1989, and has long been a proponent of mind and body balance […]

Interview(s) with Julie Landsman

Too much pressure. Incorrect mouthpiece placement. Too much “smile” in the embouchure. Lousy right-hand position. Too little attention to intention. These are some of the bad habits I’ve had in my playing over the past 20+ years of playing the horn. These bad habits weren’t learned overnight, and moving past […]

Looking to Remove Bad Habits? Two Strategies You May Not ...