As I mentioned in my previous post about making the jump from Android to iOS, I’m really enjoying some of the things that Apple has to offer (although there are many that baffle me). One of the things I’m enjoying most, though, is Apple’s approach to privacy from 3rd parties […]

How Google Knows So Much About You (Hint: It’s your ...

So I did something a few weeks ago that I never really thought I would do. I switched from an Android phone (I’ve used Android phones since the original Android phone – the T-Mobile G1) to an iPhone (more specifically, the iPhone 8). I did this for a few reasons, […]

Android to iOS: Why I Switched

A new blog post over on The Bulletproof Musician really breaks down the science behind making sure that your practice is never too easy. Now, this idea isn’t something new or groundbreaking, but it’s interesting (and useful) to take a more data-driven look at these kinds of statements. I won’t give away […]

Why the (practice) struggle is real (and good)

Drone training for intonation
Playing in tune is one of the most fundamental skills for any wind or string player. However, in tune is not as simple as just getting a tuner needle to point straight up and setting your slides in one place. Different instrument tendencies, different tuning systems, temperature variations, melodic vs. harmonic tuning, all […]

Up Your Intonation Game With Drones

This article by Justin O’Beirne about the difference between Google Maps and Apple Maps is pretty fascinating – even if you’re not a cartography nerd. This article not only details the differences between the companies map products but also illustrates the vast amounts of data and automation that have caused Google […]

Google Maps vs. Apple Maps

I recently stumbled across, a website by David Vining. David Vining is the trombone professor at the University of Northern Arizona and a co-owner of Mountain Peak Music, as well as a member of the Flagstaff Symphony and a freelance trombonist. Although (obviously) geared toward trombone players, features […]

A New (To Me) Resource for Brass Players

moosewood logo
Update: While it looks like Tom Greer (the creator of Moosewood Mouthpieces) may be backing out of the mouthpiece manufacturing game, Mark Atkinson and Atkinson Horns will be carrying on Tom’s fabulous line of mouthpieces. It look’s like Tom’s excellent craftsmanship will continue to be available. Original Post: Some sad […]

[UPDATE: Not Dead Yet] Moosewood Mouthpieces: Closed

Like I mentioned in my post a few days ago about optimizing your practice sessions by using ship dates, the All-District auditions for Kentucky are happening over the next couple of weeks, with lots of playing tests and chair auditions occurring around the same time (and usually on the same music). […]

Reducing Frustration and Rage Quitting During Practice