Nexus 6P Discount – Now is the Time for Google Fi!

nexus 6P

I love my Nexus 6P – it has the screen size of my old Samsung Galaxy Note 2, but none of the Samsung bloat. And while it doesn’t have an S-pen, I didn’t use it as much as I thought I would. The 6P is also one of the 3 phones that will work with Google’s multi-carrier cell phone service Google Fi, and now the 6P is on sale, and it’s a big one!

You can find the 32 GB 6P at Amazon for $100 dollars off the (already good-value) starting price. But if you want extra storage, the 64GB Graphite Nexus 6P is at an all time low price! It is $130 off, making it just $20 more than the 32GB for twice the storage!

The new Nexus (Nexii? Nexuses?) will be coming out soon, but if you want a still-capable phone to try out Google’s awesome Google Fi, today’s the day!

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