New Project Fi Partner!

I’ve written about Google’s Project Fi before, but it really is a unique model in the cell phone industry. Essentially, Project Fi uses both T-Mobile and Sprint cell towers, intelligently (and silently) switching between the two cell connections (and Wi-Fi) in order to give the user the best reception, data speeds, and network experience. Up until today, T-Mobile and Sprint were the only two Project Fi parterns, but apparently Google wasn’t done with just these two cell services. Announced today, they are bringing on a third Project Fi partner – US Cellular.

According to Google’s blog post, US Cellular is one of the largest regional cellular networks in the country, offering service in 23 states and LTE service to almost all of its subscribers. The addition of US Cellular should improve connection quality and speed for anyone in its service area. Thanks to the intelligent network switching that is baked into the Fi app and Nexus phones that support it, this additional coverage option will be automatically rolling out to users as it becomes available in the coming weeks.


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