2018-19 All-State Horn Etudes Out (+Recordings and Tips)

It’s mid-August in Kentucky, which means two things:

  1. Marching band is gearing up, and that means school isn’t far around the corner!
  2. The All-State music is out, which means those are auditions are just around the corner

The two All-State etudes for this year are from the same books as last year, we have an excerpt from Kopprasch #27 as a technical etude, and an excerpt from Shoemaker #6 as a lyrical etude. While neither of these etudes are especially easy, it seems like both etudes are, overall, easier than the two etudes from last year. Plus, they share some interesting musical and technical challenges, which means that constructive practice can go even farther with these two etudes.

Like the past few years, I’ve also put together an All-State Horn resource page for my students and the general Kentucky French horn population. This includes recordings of both etudes, along with some pointers on what to focus on and what to watch out for while you’re practicing.

If you’re not quite ready for summer to end, and don’t want to start working on the All-State music quite yet, then at least use this as a reminder to start (or keep) working on your French horn fundamentals to ward off the dreaded “mellophone chops” that tends to make it’s way around Kentucky this time of year.

Kentucky Horn All-State Etudes 2018-2019 resources