2019-20 KY All-State Etudes Up!

It’s mid-August, and that means that not only is summer winding down (and marching band is back in full swing), but the All-State and All-District etudes for Kentucky are out!

Like the past few years, I’ve put together a page to help students get a jump-start on these etudes. Even though it’s really early in the school year (most KY schools just started), starting earlier – even if you only do a little bit – is better waiting. Not only is there a big adjustment in going from summer to school schedules, but horn players also have to deal with adjusting from the mellophone (or marching French horn) to the “real” horn.

Similar to years past, my 2019 KY All-State Horn Etude page has some tips for how to practice both etudes. You can also find some reference recordings to get a sense of what the etudes should sound like. Like the past few years, you have a technical (Kopprasch) and lyrical (Shoemaker) etude to work on. This year, like last year, there are also major scales (most 2 octave) to learn. This should be part of your regular practice, but if not make sure to start on them today!

If you’re already worried about getting things done (whether in practice, school, or life), check out the article I wrote early last year about making time for things. This time of year I always hear excuses from students about having “no time for practice” and 99% of the time it’s a lie. Don’t fall into this trap!