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2021 KY All-State Music Released!

This year’s All-State audition music is out, which means it’s time for my annual All-State Music post.

If you want, you can skip straight to the All-State resources for 2021-22 right here.

2021 All-State Etudes

This year’s All-State music continues the pattern that’s been going for several years – with one Shoemaker etude and one Kopprasch etude. Neither of these etudes is incredibly difficult, but that only means that attention to detail is even more important this year!

If you don’t have the etudes, you can find copies of them here (or on my All-State Practice Resources page):

Additionally, while marching band, concert band, and other pre-2020 ensembles are starting back up again, it’s currently unclear what the situation will be during the All-District/All-State audition season that runs from November-December.

Last year auditions were done by submitting a video recording and depending on how the COVID Delta variant changes the situation, it could be similar this year.

A word of advice, though, is to practice assuming that things will be “normal” – that means making sure you’re comfortable with the All-State scales (you may have to do 2 randomly picked scales) and sight-reading.

This year, in addition to the reference recording of the two etude excerpts, and some practice tips/strategies, I’ve also included several links to posts discussing ways to get back into the practicing routine. Be sure to check those out if you’re having trouble getting back into a regular practice rhythm.

Check it all out here: