Band Rehearsals in COVID Times

This article is a bit of a departure from what I normally post here, but since it’s both music-related and timely, I thought that it may be useful – either as information or inspiration.

A news article from our local NPR affiliate covered the Oldham County High School band and its director, Brad Rogers. Brad has been going to great lengths to keep in-person rehearsals since mid-July.

He using guidelines developed and recommended by the Kentucky Music Educators Association (which are drawn from a variety of other sources). Rehearsals have involved splitting the band into groups, rehearsing mainly outdoors (or in a large room with adequate spacing), and temperature checks for students and staff every day before rehearsal.

I’ve worked with Brad for over a decade, and seeing his commitment and dedication to adapt his rehearsal setup and schedule to these new (and changing) guidelines has been a small light in an increasingly dark tunnel.

Working as a section coach for these rehearsals has been one of the few in-person musical experiences I’ve had since March, and seeing how affects the students (and the staff) really shows the power of music.

You can read the whole WFPL article here (I’m in the background of one picture!).