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The End of November Means…Time for Solo and Ensemble!

In Kentucky and Indiana (and a bunch of other states, I’m sure), the end of Thanksgiving doesn’t just mean turkey and Black Friday sales, it also means that Solo and Ensemble is just over the horizon!

French Horn Solo Collections

If you’re looking for some good horn music for Solo and Ensemble, I’ve got a lot of options over on my French horn music page. While there are lots of options for a variety of skill levels, one of the best collections I’ve found for students are the Schirmer Instrumental Collections for Horn.

The Schirmer Collections are available in Easy, Intermediate, and Advanced-Intermediate levels, and have a variety of transcriptions and solo material covering a wide range of genres and styles. One nice feature of this series, each book comes not only with the solo and accompaniment parts but also with a link to performances of all the pieces by Bernhard Scully and Vincent Fuh.

Additionally, the ever-popular Mason Jones Solos for the Horn Player collection is also a good choice. It does have some of the same material from the Intermediate and Advanced-Intermediate Schirmer books, as well as some additional solos. Depending on your level, some of the material in the Mason Jones book may be too easy or too challenging, but it is a nice all-in-one solution for about the same money as one of the Schirmer Collection books. There are also editions available that feature online or CD recordings of the accompaniments, in case you want to play with a piano, but don’t have access to a pianist.

If you’re looking for something a bit more focused, the Mozart Horn Concertos are also a great choice. While there are lots of different editions, I would recommend the Schirmer edition that is edited by Barry Tuckwell. There is a much cheaper edition, also by Schirmer, but it includes poorly-edited F horn parts (the Tuckwell edition has both F and non-transposed parts), and the piano part on the Tuckwell edition is much better than any other that I’ve found.

All these links will take you to, which is having some nice sales this time of year – so act quickly!

Other Horn Music for Solo and Ensemble

If you want something that’s not in a collection, I’ve also got lots of standalone music on my French horn music page – check it out!

More than any other brass instrument, there is a lot of good solo music available for the horn, so there’s no reason not to do a horn solo this year!