Google Wants You to Practice More

With an announcement today on the Official Google Blog, Google Calendar will now help you find time to fit various activities into your schedule. Called Google Calendar Goals, these should make the lack of practice time a thing of the past! You can see a short video of the process right here, and it looks pretty neat:

Did you notice that at 1:12 one of the items you could select was “Learn an instrument”? If you keep your calendar in Google, this seems like a great way to make sure that you get in consistent practice throughout the week – no matter what your schedule is.

I especially like the fact that you can both “Defer” your scheduled activity if something comes up last minute and if you add a calendar entry at a time that overlaps with your Google Calendar Goals, Google will automatically reschedule around that new event – sometimes changing the time of your Goal and other times moving it to a later date. It also appears like once you accomplish the Goal event for that day, it keeps a record of that in your Google Calendar. It’s almost like Google is also giving you your very own practice log.

One feature not included in the video, but mentioned on the blog entry – the more you use the Goals function in Google Calendar, the better Google will become at scheduling your time in a manner you prefer. For instance, I prefer to workout in the mornings, but I practice whenever I get the chance – as Google learns about my preferences, it will become smarter about prioritizing different activities at different times of the day.

The Goals function is available in the Google Calendar app for both Android and iOS.

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Colin is a freelance horn player and teacher, as well as a fan of tech of all sorts, aviation, and increasingly complex flight simulators. He also enjoys beer, bourbon and fitness - but not at the same time. You can find him on Facebook, Twitter, as well as right here at!