Horn Symposium Report: Day 1 and 2

I wrote about the upcoming International Horn Symposium a little while ago, and now it is upon us! Run by the International Horn Society, this symposium is always a big event, with lots of horn players, events and exhibits!

Although I wasn’t able to go, at least one participant, James Boldin, has written about his experiences in the first two days of the symposium! All in all, these are nice summaries of some of the concerts and lectures (although nothing can really substitute for being there!) and he gives a teasing look at the Yamaha 671 and 871.

You can find his report on IHS day 1 and IHS day 2 over at his blog, James Boldin’s Horn World.

Patrick Godfrey (better known as FhornPatrick on Youtube) also posted a video of day 1 at IHS, featuring some brief videos opening “ceremonies” and concerts as well as a walk around the exhibit areas (the BEST reason to go to any of these conventions)! Check it out below:

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