International Horn Symposium 48

Horn Symposium – Day 3 and 4

Following up on my IHS Symposium Day 1 & 2 report, here are a few summaries from days 3 & 4.

Like last time, James Boldin has some nice summaries of the events he attended on day 3 and day 4 on his blog.

FHornPatrick posted a video of day 3 featuring another tour of the exhibits (there really are LOTS of horns to try!), a big of a masterclass by Nobuaki Fukukawa and a trio of alphorns Рsomething that it  not often heard.

And here’s a video of day 4:

FHornPatrick also took a nice tour of the exhibit hall, talking with just about every horn dealer or horn maker that was present. It’s a relatively long video, at 30 minutes, but it gives a good idea of the wealth of exhibits that are present at these kind of horn events. Unfortunately, it’s a bit hard to hear some of the dealers, since exhibit halls are known for…exuberant….playing.