IHS 50th Symposium is THIS WEEK!

The International Horn Society is having its 50th IHS Symposium this week in Muncie, IN at Ball State University and hosted by Gene Berger. You can find out some more information about the symposium and its schedule on the Official IHS 50 website.

If you’re a horn nerd (or an aspiring horn nerd) this is basically heaven on earth, with masterclasses featuring some of the world’s best horn players and teachers, horn-centric concerts (both solos, horn ensembles, and chamber music featuring the horn) and, of course, lots of equipment to geek out over: horns, mouthpieces, mutes, cases, and much, much more.

A couple of years ago I posted links to James Boldin’s daily review of some of the happenings at the IHS convention, and luckily James is doing the same thing again this year.

If you’re interested (and if you’re not, it’s weird that you’re reading this) you can check out his review of Day 1 right here. You should be able to find links to the rest of the days from that first blog post.

This year the IHS convention is especially interesting to me since I was looking forward to driving the few hours up to Muncie to try out some horns and pick up a new toy that I ordered. Unfortunately, though I have work this week and a concert on Saturday that will make me unable to make the 6-hour round trip.

A shame, since who knows when the next IHS convention will be within driving distance, but this time of year any work is good work! If you’re near Muncie this week, or near a future IHS convention, it’s really worth it to check out all the horn geeking out for a few days. I’m also definitely planning on posting a bit my new toy once a get a chance to play with it, so stay tuned!