2016 International Horn Symposium

IHS Symposium: Day 5

Following along with my IHS Symposium summaries of day 1 & 2 and day 3 & 4, here are a couple of summaries of day 5.

First, James Boldin’s day 5 summary featuring some nice summaries of a variety of horns (including the 671 and 871 from Yamaha!), along with a couple of teasers. James briefly mentions his presentation –  Solo Training for the Horn – but not a lot else. I’m not sure if this is a book, or a collection of short etudes, but it does sound interesting, and I’ll certainly give it a try and add it to my page of French horn music and books! He also mentions a presentation applying Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences to horn pedagogy. This is an interesting concept that I’m also going to try to find more about – it certainly seems like a unique idea, and one that could potentially have great results for my and my students! James also included a picture of some of his IHS purchases – with promises of a future update. It looks like he got a book – The How-To Horn Book by Jeffrey Snedeker, a CD, a mouthpiece and a mute case (with a mute?). I am, of course, most interested in the mouthpiece, but it looks like a nice haul overall.

FHornPatrick is also back with his final video of the conference. He a little bit of video of a warm-up class and a horn picnic, and a Mozart horn duet with a trombone player (Chris Bill). He also gives a nice review of some of his purchases, including an Osmun mouthpiece rim (he also gives a nice shout-out to Osmun – I’d like to do they same, they really know their stuff, as this comment on my Mouthpiece Chart shows!), a music dictionary (something everyone should have!), some cleaning supplies, a couple of handguards, and a horn stand. He also gives a nice summary of some of the events he attended and really gives a nice story about the camaraderie of horn players from around the country helping each other out – even if they just met! Here’s his video:

Overall, while neither of these summaries will completely substitute for attending an IHS event, they do give you a good example of what you can expect and why you should try to go to an IHS event if you can!