KY All-State: Beethoven #9 – Scherzo

If you’re trying out for Kentucky All-State, then you’ve probably seen that the second audition etude is “based on a theme from the Scherzo of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony” . Like I said in my article on that etude¬†– you should make sure to listen to that movement in order to internalize the required style. Well, if you haven’t done that by now, here’s a great version of that Scherzo movement to listen to.

I can’t link directly to the time, but the Scherzo starts right at 19:50 (although the whole thing is great)!

This is a recording from a live concert by the Chicago Symphony from May, 2015. This is not among the fastest I’ve heard this movement, but I think the energy present even in this slightly slower tempo is something to work for.

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