(More) Extended Scales and Arpeggios!

I’ve had pages with major and minor scales on my French horn exercises page for a long time.

Recently I added some more advanced scale and arpeggio exercises featuring major and harmonic minor scales, modes, intervals, inversions, and lots more on my Extended Scales and Arpeggios page.

While I previously only had exercises for F and G up there (since they took so long to write and edit), I’ve been trying to expand on those now that summer is mostly hear and I’m almost a little bit less busy than usual.

I don’t have all 12 keys up (yet), but I’m steadily working on them and I’ll definitely post here when they are all done! For now, though, you’ve probably got more than enough to keep you busy.

Check out the new keys on my Scale and Arpeggio Boot Camp page here.

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