New Horn Studies from John Ericson

A new resource is available for horn players from John Ericson, horn professor at Arizona State University.

According to John’s description on his Horn Notes Edition page:

A practical collection of inventive scale and arpeggio exercises to develop technique and intonation, carefully selected from the classic horn method books of Gallay, Gumpert, Kling, and Meifred. This collection contains four to six exercises in every major and minor key with varied patterns and articulations, followed by a concluding section of intonation duets based on scales for teacher and student to play together. Suited for intermediate to advanced horn students and amateurs, this collection will help in forming a foundation of great technique.

Horn Notes Edition

This edition of horn exercises is available both as a printed version and a Kindle version. The Kindle version is an easy way to get this onto a device without needing a scanner, although it can be a bit of a pain to get it into a format that is read without a Kindle app. It’s a great option to have, though!

Buy the print version or Kindle version on Amazon.

You can also see some of the other books available on the Horn Notes Edition publishing here. Some of my favorites are the Low Horn Boot Camp (Print and Kindle edition) and the Playing Descant and Triple Horns (Print and Kindle edition). These books cover aspects of horn playing which are usually weaker (and increasingly more important), and their exercises are quite useful for both advanced and intermediate students.