New Horn Model Part II: Amazon is Bad at French Horns

According to Amazon, this beauty is organized under the “Musical Instrument – French horn” category – check out the sixth result. If you keep scrolling down, you’ll see a familiar-looking kazoo, ties with a variety of musical instruments such as trumpet and clarinet (but no horn!), and even a French board game.

Between these results, the French horn kazoo I mentioned a few months ago, and the plethora of Chinese junk horns – basically any of the horns that are under $1,000, with brand names like Monel, Mendini, Barrington, Cecilio, and Aurora –  trying to get a brass instrument, or at least a French horn, through Amazon seems like a bad idea.

It’s really a shame, since with Amazon Prime it would be pretty awesome to get 2-day shipping in order to try out a bunch of different instruments!

As a small aside, I’ve had Amazon Prime since 2014, and it is one of those services that I was on the fence about, but has quickly become incredibly useful! The additional benefits of the Prime Instant Video (some good, older HBO shows, and I can’t wait for the Top Gear guys’ new show!) and Prime Music are nice added value to the already useful free 2-day shipping. If you’ve wanted to try out Amazon Prime, use the banner below and you’ll help support this site!


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