Post-Pandemic Plans: Plot Your Purpose

Some more wisdom from Seth:

The Plan for Day 100

Although written a couple of weeks ago, this blog post feels especially appropriate to me now. With so many of the COVID pandemic restrictions easing, it’s tempting to only think about what will be happening to us in the next six weeks (or six months).

I was doing just that last week: A Light at the End of the Tunnel

If your job or career has been turned upside-down for the last 13 months, there are going to be dozens of opportunities showing up at your doorstep without much action on your part. It will be incredibly easy for lots of us to slip back into the rhythm/job/habits that we had before our lives were turned upside down.

But that may not be the best option.

If the pandemic inspired you to make a change – either physically, mentally, emotionally, or professionally – then don’t lose sight of that goal. Have your plan for day 100, and your plan for tomorrow, and then start your practice.