Summer Project #1: Oils and Greases

I’ve been busy doing a few different summer projects, but since it has been awhile since I posted, I wanted to tease one of them.


As I hinted to in my “Downside of the Triple Horn” post, my new horn, although great to play, takes a lot more care and maintenance than any of my double horns. With my use of various horn oils and greases going up, I decided to take this summer and research some alternative lubricants:

Some alternative lubricants.

Some alternative lubricants.

I’ve got Ultra-Pure Lamp Oil for inside the rotary valves, Lithium Grease for the slides, and 3-in-1 Oil for the top and bottom bearings as well as valve lever hinges and the F/Bb ball joints.


I’ll be trying these out for a little while, and I’ll update this post (as well as my Horn Maintenance Page) with my findings.

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