Sydney Opera House Joins Google Cultural Institute with Cool 360 Video

Several weeks ago I posted about the Google Cultural Institute putting a wide variety of art online for millions to access, and the Sydney Opera House, with its collection of more than 1,000 artifacts and and iconic architecture, is now the newest partner.

While ability to virtually walk through the opera house and view it in 360-degrees is unique (and awesome), what drew me to post this was the Youtube video commemorating the launch of the Sydney Opera House on the Google Cultural Institute platform. Take a look (and don’t forget to use the arrows in the top left to look around!):

A few things to watch out for:

  • At 2:30 you can really get a nice look around the opera stage – from behind the scenery to looking out at the 1,500+ seats in the Joan Sutherland Theatre.
  • At 4:50 you get to sit in on an orchestral rehearsal in the 2,600+-seat concert hall. You don’t just get to sit anywhere, though. You get the best seat in the house, right between the horns and the trumpets! Look up and you’ll see the unique acoustical “clouds”, and if you look behind you and above, you’ll see the giant Grand Organ. Which leads to…
  • At 6:00 minutes in you’re transported up to the organ console. The Grand Organ is likely the largest mechanical organ in the world, with 5 manuals (keyboards), 131 stops, and over 10,000 individual pipes. If you turn around, you can see why organists should not be afraid of heights!
  • There are lots of other interesting and scenic sections in this video, and since you can look around freely, it’s worth watching more than once!

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