TED Talks: Procrastination, Learning, Music, and Loss

Here are a few TED Talks that I’ve seen over the past couple of months.

The Monkey and the Monster: Procrastination

If anyone’s had issues with putting off something until it’s too late (or almost too late), then I think they can relate to this video.

You can also read a more in-depth version of Tim’s TED Talk on his “Wait But Why” blog.

This is especially important if you’re putting off things that can’t be (easily) crammed, like learning this year’s All-State music!

Focus on the Princess: The Mario Learning Effect

An interesting look at how reframing learning as more of a game can help reduce frustration and make you want to keep going – even if you’re getting things “wrong”.

Music and Loss

The past year and a half has been filled with losses too numerous to mention.

This talk with Steven Sharp Nelson (a member of the group The Piano Guys) about how music can help those dealing with grief and loss.

And I can’t resist reposting this wonderful talk by Benjamin Zander on the power of classical music: