The Google Pixel C – What’s Up With That?

When Google announced the Pixel C – a combination tablet/laptop similar to a Windows Surface or Apple iPad Pro, but running Android and not ChromeOS – it seemed like a bit of an odd announcement. The “Pixel” name is used for high-end Google-designed hardware devices. It has recently been used for the […]

French horn accessories and equipment

French Horn Gifts

If you are looking for a gift for a French horn player, here are a few ideas to get you started. This list of French horn gifts should give you ideas for any horn player – from middle school, through high school, and even college! French Horn CDs I’ve got a […]

T-Mobile, AT&T, Comcast: Net “Neutrality”

Over the past few years, one of the political issues most near and dear to my heart has been net neutrality. Net neutrality is, essentially, the idea that all traffic on the internet – whether a video, music, web page, or image – from any source, should all be treated the […]

PSA: Clean Your Horn!

A couple of weeks ago, I traveled to Pennsylvania to play assistant principal for a good friend in the Reading Symphony. These trips are fun both from a work and a personal perspective, since Pennsylvania is not exactly close to Louisville, and any excuse to see a friend (and get paid) is […]

Michael Thompson: Elegant Simplicity of Horn Playing

Michael Thompson, a British horn player, is probably best known for his (along with fellow British horn player Richard Watkins) fantastic CD t, but in this Youtube video, he gives some great tips for horn players of all ages: You should definitely watch the whole video, but if you don’t […]

Ear Training – Work Your Ears!

Ear training, as painful as it was during undergraduate theory, was one of my most useful classes, and is an essential skill for a musician on any instrument. For players of brass instruments (especially horn) it is especially important, since one fingering can play about a dozen notes! Knowing how to […]