Horn Playing From the Inside

Sarah Willis, the first female brass player in the Berlin Philharmonic, an incredible low horn player, and the host of several music- and horn-related TV and internet shows,  has done an incredible experiment on what goes on inside the mouth while playing horn by playing a specially-made horn inside an MRI […]

Zoom H4n

New Toy – Zoom H4N

After several years of trying to get a decent recording setup out of a Sony mic (with a non-standard RTS setup) and my desktop computer, I finally conceded defeat, sold the microphone and picked up one of these:   I’ve played around with it a little bit, and already the […]

Know your Right (Hand Position)

There are many reasons why I wish I could observe students’ practice habits at home, but one of the biggest reasons is probably one that they think little to nothing about – their right hand position. I can’t count the number of times I’ve seen students playing (either in lessons, […]

Reviving a mute

I’ve had my Balu mute for over ten years, and for the past 6 months it’s steadily been losing cork. Today I finally took the time to do a little bit of emergency mute repair and recork it. The total time was around an hour – and about 30 minutes […]

The Importance of Articulation

For many horn players (me included) French horn tonguing was a mystery. One of my biggest personal struggles in learning to play the horn and one that I notice a lot in students and younger players is a lack of consistent and strong tonguing or articulation. Since the tongue stroke sets […]