Alton Brown on Amazon Unitaskers

I’m a big fan of Alton Brown – his Good Eats series is pretty much the only reason why I enjoy cooking (and also the only reason I have any marginal skill in that area), and he seems like a pretty interesting person in general.

Also, he does videos like this:

I do wish he had actually used the gadgets before making fun of them (although watching the Rollie in action was one of the most uncomfortable feelings caused by eggs ever), but the reference to Cutthroat Kitchen was hilarious. I’m a little sad he didn’t review other highly-rated Amazon products like the Meal-in-A-Pan Pan or these Pizza Scissors (4.5 stars, are you kidding me?!?!) but maybe this will be the start of a new regular series.

Also, bonus points for the¬†video¬†description referring to AB as “Celebrity chef and Thyme Lord”.


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