Girl Scout Cookies: The Great Divide

In what will surely be the scoop of the decade, the LA Times reports that Girl Scout cookies – one of the things that makes America great (I mean, right after baseball, apple pie, and these videos) are not all the same. I always knew that there were some regional differences in cookie selection, but it turns out that the Girl Scouts actually use two different bakers depending upon (I assume) the council where you buy the cookies.

Here’s a map:

girl scout cookies map

The Civil War has nothing on the Girl Scouts when it comes to pitting brother against brother.


It looks like I’ve lived in Little Brownie Bakers territory my entire life (and now I live right in the LBB’s home turf), but apparently the ABC Bakers Thin Mints (the only Girl Scout cookie worth consuming) are a slightly different recipe, with more mint and more crunch. Could these ABC Bakers’ cookies possibly be better than the LBB’s? I don’t know, but now I’m left wondering: are these other cookies (read: Thin Mints) better? Have I been missing out on the thinnest and mintiest Thin Mints? Am I a part of the Thin Mint elite? I just don’t know.

I think I just found out why America is so divided.

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