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Intonation. Almost everyone who has played any instrument with flexible intonation has been told that they are out-of-tune. In some of the middle and high school bands I work with, the director will go up and down the rows with a tuner, telling students that they are flat or sharp, […]

How Important Is Intonation? It Depends.

classical musician performance anxiety
An interesting blog post over on BulletProofMusician.com takes a look at the difference in levels of performance anxiety between traditionally-trained classical musicians and musicians in other genres. The blog article looks at two different studies. One study by British researchers used 244 musicians, of which about half were classical musicians […]

Performance Anxiety: Classical vs. Pop Musicians

New John Williams/Steven Spielberg Album
If you’re a fan of John Williams’ movie music (and what brass player isn’t?) then this new release may interest you: John Williams & Steven Spielberg: The Ultimate Collection Box set This is a 4-disc collection (if you’re old school – also available as MP3s) featuring lots of classic Williams/Spielberg¬†collaborations […]

New John Williams/Steven Spielberg Album Out

The iconic Sydney Opera House
Several weeks ago I posted about the Google Cultural Institute¬†putting a wide variety of art online for millions to access, and the Sydney Opera House, with its collection of more than 1,000 artifacts and and iconic architecture, is now¬†the newest partner. While ability to virtually walk through the opera house […]

Sydney Opera House Joins Google Cultural Institute with Cool 360 ...