Google Fiber in Louisville – Update!

Earlier today I was listening to one of my many podcasts This Week In Tech, where one of the panelists, Jason Hiner, had some very relevant information for residents of Louisville!

It looks like Louisville is going to be, according to Jason, the next “ground zero in the gigabit wars”. Earlier this month, Louisville was moved – without fanfare – from Google Fiber’s “Potential Cities” to “Upcoming Cities”.

Even more interestingly, in an article on Tech Republic by Jason and Conner Forrest, it looks like Louisville – along with the two other “Upcoming Cities”, Huntsville, AL, and San Antonio, TX – may be the beginning of a new style of fiber internet for Google fiber.

This new fiber technology is based on both regular fiber optic line as well as the point-to-point wireless technology that Google acquired when it bought Webpass last year. This means that instead of digging up roads, sidewalks, and yards into people’s homes, the “last mile” of fiber can now be wireless.

This is great news for lovers of Google, gigabit internet, or just want real competition in the high-speed internet market.

This last point – competition – is especially interesting. Jason notes in his Tech Republic article that AT&T announced its own fiber deployment to Louisville just three months after Google Fiber’s announcement. AT&T seemed to mean it, too. They officially launched AT&T fiber in October of 2016, although when Google Fiber was halted due to turmoil within Fiber and a lawsuit (by AT&T), AT&T Fiber suddenly stopped expanding as well.

Until late December, that is. When Google started talking about incorporating wired and wireless technology to more quickly expand Google Fiber.


By the way, if you are at all interested in Google Fiber, definitely read Jason’s article at Tech Republic. Despite AT&T’s claim that its fiber is available to “tens of thousands of homes, apartments and small business locations” across Louisville, that doesn’t appear to be the case.

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