Mac Pro On A (TINY)Budget = RasPro

If you’ve been following Apple or Mac news for the past several years, then you’re probably aware of the long wait since Apple updated their most powerful computer.

However, the long wait is (almost) over, since earlier in June Apple announced the new Mac Pro starting at an eye-watering $7,000 and probably rising to 5-figure amounts depending on your specific configuration.

The appearance of this computer has been affectionately referred to as a “cheese-grater” Mac, and if you like that design style, but don’t have the $7 grand to pony up, a Raspberry Pi modification, the RasPro, may be just the compromise you’ve been looking for.

It all looks pretty nice and the teaser video below is nicely tongue-in-cheek.

Of course, since the announcement of the Raspberry Pi 4 a few days ago, you can have the same aesthetic but even more power by simply swapping out the entire computer. All for way less than the cost of the Mac Pro’s monitor stand.