Project Fi Group Plans Are Live!

One of the things missing from Google’s Project Fi has been a group plan. Not only did you need to have a separate Gmail account for every person, but you couldn’t even designate one person to manage other people’s account, which made Fi not exactly ideal for some groups – mainly families with younger kids or older (non-tech-savvy) people.

But as of yesterday, that’s all changed, as Project Fi now has a group plan – with a small discount to boot!

Project Fi Group Plans

If you don’t know what Google’s Project Fi is, here’s a short write-up I did a few months ago¬†about it. The TL;DR is, though, that it is a cell service (using T-Mobile and Sprint) that charges $20 for unlimited calls/texts, and $10/GB, without any overage charges (and refunding unused data).

Now, Project Fi offers group plans that can include up to five additional people (so six total) with a base talk/text charge of $15/month instead of $20. So you get a reasonable 25% discount off of the base price per person.

Additional features of the Project Fi group plans include the ability for the group plan owner to monitor the overall data usage for each individual. The data is still charged the same rate for all the members of the plan, ($10/GB), and the group leader can not only see everyone’s data usage, you can also soft caps to warn members when they go over a certain amount, and even pause data for a specific user if they go too far over-the-top.

It’s fairly easy to add users to a Project Fi group plan (even if they are currently signed up to Project Fi on their own account) just go to your Project Fi account page, enter their Gmail address, and pick their data amount, buy a device (if necessary), and order a SIM card (again, if necessary). There are no fees to join and leave a group, either.

Project Fi Phones

Right now Google is still selling the great Nexus 6P ($399) and 5X ($199) through Google Fi (with some nice discounts!) if you are looking for a lower-cost phone. The new Pixel phones announced last week will, of course, be compatible with Project Fi, but since they are commanding a more premium price, it’s nice that Google still offers the Nexus phones for those that want to try Project Fi.

There’s no word on exactly how long the 6P and 5X will be for sale through Project Fi, though.

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