Samsung’s Latest Refrigerator from CES 2016

Just when you thought having a coffee maker inside of a refrigerator (no, really!) was the craziest thing that you could do with a standard home appliance, Samsung has taken the opportunity to out-crazy that this year at what is probably the biggest consumer electronics trade show – CES.

samsung fridge

This refrigerator will, according to Engadget, have internal cameras so you can see your food without opening the door to “save energy”. Of course, not mentioned is the energy required to power the screen and the energy plus insulation required to keep the heat from the tablet’s processor from warming up the inside of the refrigerator. With a 21.5 inch screen at a fairly high 1080p resolution, heat generated by the electronics will not be insignificant.

If you’re able to use that camera while out at the store then it almost seems useful, except that – if your fridge is full or mostly-full – you won’t be able to see much past the first row of items. Also, depending upon the locationĀ of the cameras (I assume they will be in the main cavity as well as in all the little drawers and in the doors) and the specific item packaging, you may not be able to tell if you’re running low on a specific item.

Alternatively, if there is merely an app that tells you when something is low, would this require entering how much you use of every single item when you make a sandwich or grab a quick snack? It seems like this would get old very quickly, unless there are built-in scales that can take care of the weighing for you.

Additional features include speakers, the ability to display recipes from apps and web pages, and the ability to control smart devices that use Samsung’s SmartThings protocol. No word on a front-facing camera to take fridge-selfies (or to catch that mysterious midnight snacker!).



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