French Horn Resources

French Horn Equipment Resources

Here you’ll find my equipment-related resources and pages.

french horn mouthpiece comparison chart

Mouthpiece Comparison Chart

Looking to change or upgrade your mouthpiece, but don’t know much about it? I’ve put the crucial measurements of over 500 mouthpieces in one place – making it easier for you to compare and contrast. Check it out!

Choosing a Mouthpiece

Having trouble deciding where to begin your mouthpiece search? You’re not alone. Here is a bit about my own mouthpiece journey, and some useful ways to narrow down your mouthpiece search!

French horn mouthpiece cups and rims
Vienna Horn

Types of French Horns

Confused about the difference between single horns, double horns, triple horns, descant horns, and all the rest? This page sorts out the most common (and a few uncommon) types of instruments that you’ll run across!

Buying a French Horn

Buying a horn can be stressful! The number of different brands and models alone can be overwhelming, plus the high price tag and the existence of cheap knock-off horns make it hard to decide without expert help. This guide should help you separate the good horns from the bad!

Buying a French Horn
oil the upper bearing

French Horn Cleaning & Maintenance

Keeping your French horn clean and in good working order isn’t difficult, but regular maintenance is essential! Here are the basics of horn maintenance that anyone can (and should) do!

French Horn Music Resources

These are all my music and technique-related pages.

French Horn Exercises

Looking for some new warm-up ideas? Need work on scales, slurs, lip trills, or other aspects of horn playing? I’ve got all sorts of French horn exercises for all levels of players – beginner to advanced – available.

French horn mouthpiece cups and rims
French horn sheet music

French Horn Books & Music

Hundreds of different etudes, solos, and horn chamber music, categorized by difficulty. Ideal for Solo & Ensemble, recitals, or other performances. This page also includes books on performance anxiety, productivity general musical knowledge, and more!

Notable Recordings for French Horn

Looking for some recordings of your favorite orchestral or horn repertoire? Need to help a student find their sound? Here is a listing of some of the most iconic horn solos, chamber music, and orchestral recordings of the past and present.

French horn mouthpiece cups and rims

French Horn Technique Guides

These pages cover topics that many younger players have trouble with. These are also great resources for non-brass band or orchestra directors, to help them better understand the French horn.

Practice Slump

Audition Practice Guide

Auditioning is a source of stress for almost all players. But you can practice the act of auditioning just like you practice any other aspect of horn technique or music.

French Horn Tuning Guide

Tuning the French horn can be challenge for many players. Which note(s) to tune, which slide(s) to move, and how to do it all quickly are all covered here. Along with pictures explaining the functions of all the slides.

French horn tuning
French horn right hand position

A Guide to the Right Hand

For some horn players (and band directors) the French horn player’s right hand is a mystery. While nothing beats an in-person lesson, here are some guidelines about how to find the best position for your right hand.

French Horn Transposition Guide

For many young horn players, transposition is one of those skills that is ignored as long as possible. However, with a little bit of practice (and my transposition chart) transposing horn parts can become almost second nature!

kopprasch 3
French horn right hand position

Bass Clef: Old vs. New Notation

Reading bass clef is a skill that many students try and put off as long as possible. But horn players must deal with two different types of bass clef – old and new notation. Here’s how to tell them apart.

Other French Horn/Music Resources

In addition to the above pages, I also regularly post French horn and music-related content on my blog. 

You can find the most recent articles below, or click here for the full archive.

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