Telling a student to memorize something is not the same as telling them to memorize it. Seth Godin explains.

Memorizing =/= Learning   Recently updated !

Computer running slowly or shutting off unexpectedly? I had this same issue (twice) and this is how I fixed it!

Even Computers Need A Fan

In a recent blog article over at James Boldin’s Horn World blog, James discusses a recent visit to the University of Louisiana-Monroe by Dr. Eldon Matlick, who is the Horn Professor at the University of Oklahoma. His blog article briefly covers some of the topics that Dr. Matlick discussed with […]

Eldon Matlick and A New (To Me) Tuning System

samsung pro portrait mode with music
I’ve really been enjoying my digital music setup over the past few years. But the amount of flexibility and the sheer number of options available in the Android app I use (MobileSheets Pro) means that the learning curve (even for a tech-savvy user) can be extreme. To help make things […]

MobileSheets Pro Tips

Another few months, another round of Google killing and adding products. Coming just on the heels of the “Made by Google 2019” event in mid-October come a couple of products that are getting the Google Reader treatment. This time, it’s Google Daydream and Google Clips. Google Daydream Google Daydream was […]

Google Giveth And Taketh, 2019 Edition

practice focus
Practicing a musical instrument can be a frustrating experience. Lots of hours focused on just getting one or two small sections perfect, only to be faced with more the next day or week. However, practice isn’t just about focusing on small details and getting individual notes correct. At least part […]

Practice Recipe: 3 Parts Focus with 1 Part Distraction

A little while ago, Google introduced the ability to automatically delete some of the data that it knows about you. While that seems like Google turning over a new more privacy-focused leaf, it might not be quite as meaningful as it first appeared. The setting, which you can find on […]

Google Will Automatically Delete Your (Worthless) Data