Habits to be Made sign

Atomic Practice

Two practice strategies to help students develop a consistent practice habit and improve their technique at the same time.

Two Google Moves Towards Privacy

Last month Google began two policies for better privacy and data awareness. One seems largely useless, while the other shows promise in protecting vulnerable people.

April 2022 WordPress Security News

This month vulnerabilities were discovered in Elementor, two security plugins, and a booking plugin. Also, a very dangerous Windows vulnerability is patched – make sure you’re updated.

March 2022 WordPress Security News

WordPress security news for March 2022. A security update for WP core, the biggest issue in WP security, GoDaddy’s backdoor, and more!

Reminder: Don’t Sell On Amazon

A recent letter from Congress to the Department of Justice offers a good reminder why sellers of physical products should stay away from Amazon.

February 2022 WordPress Security Updates

February was an active month for WordPress site administrators. If you’re in charge of a WordPress site, make sure that you’re keeping things up-to-date!