If you’ve been a computer user for any length of time, you’ve run across compressed files. In the old days, you’d have to download a separate program to be able to deal with these compressed files, at least on Windows. Thankfully, current versions of Windows now come with the ability […]

WinRAR Vulnerability Leaves Millions of Users at Risk   Recently updated !

“I didn’t have time to practice this week, I had too much to do.” It’s an excuse that everyone who has been teaching for more than 15 minutes has heard. It’s also an excuse that almost everyone who has played an instrument for more than a week has made. But […]

No Time To Practice

One question I get fairly often these days is about the need for a website, especially with the explosion of social and professional media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Soundcloud. My response is usually pretty simple: Maybe more than ever, if you don’t have a website now, you need one! While […]

Why You (Yes, You) Need A Website

Deciding on a college is stressful, no matter what your major is going to be. Especially if you have multiple schools offering competing scholarships. John Ericson over at HornMatters.com has written a great article about two things to consider when you’re finalizing your college choice: Being pushed to respond to […]

Deciding On A College? 2 Things To Consider

As I write this, it’s just after the yearly Solo and Ensemble festival for my students, and so, of course, I just stumbled across an excellent resource for next year! The Kumamoto Horn Ensemble (KHE) The Kumamoto Horn Ensemble has been an active horn ensemble for almost 20 years, and […]

Top-Notch Resource for Any Horn Ensemble

It’s no secret that online security is more important now than it was a decade ago. One of my own personal pet peeves, though, is the constant use of very bad password practices that are used by lots of people (me included)! Password Safety It’s become fairly common knowledge that […]

Password Security Is No Joke

My Top Podcasts for 2016
It’s no secret that I may have a podcast problem. One new podcast that may be of interesting to music teachers and music educators that I’ve recently come across is the Music On Purpose podcast, with host Bryan Crisp. Bryan is a trumpet player in northern Kentucky and has an […]

New Podcast for Music Education

While it’s pretty commonly known that the Google Play store is much less restrictive than the iOS App Store, it’s worth realizing that while that does make Android potentially more flexible, it also means users have a much great responsibility to ensure protection of their own data. Whether or not […]

Site Reveals Dangers of Free Android Apps