Web Portfolio

In addition to being a musician, I’m also interested in technology and web development. Here’s a sampling of some of the websites that I’ve worked on. Some of these sites were built from the ground up by me, while others are redesigns or reorganizations of sites that were made be a previous web developer.

If you are interested in creating a website for yourself or a business, or you’re looking to change up your current website, contact me. I’ve worked with WordPress, SquareSpace, and Drupal, and I’ve got experience in both designing, creating and maintaining a website as well as SEO (both online and for local businesses).

Web Development Portfolio Projects

A partial list of some of the websites I’ve created or updated.


A website for my brass quintet.


A website for the Kentucky chapter of the Music Teachers National Association.


Website for a chamber ensemble based in Louisville, Kentucky.


Personal website/blog.


A website for a national composer/recording project.


A small, local boutique manufacturer of cases for basses, trumpets, low brass, rifles, and more!