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Deciding on a college is stressful, no matter what your major is going to be. Especially if you have multiple schools offering competing scholarships. John Ericson over at HornMatters.com has written a great article about two things to consider when you’re finalizing your college choice: Being pushed to respond to […]

Deciding On A College? 2 Things To Consider

In years of working with students on the horn, one of the most difficult concepts to teach (at least for me), has been the idea of musical phrasing. I imagine that this is (at least in part) because getting a strong set of fundamentals took me so long. I don’t […]

Teaching Musical Interpretation: Learn, Listen, Count

I’ve put up a new article in my French Horn Bootcamp series! This time the topic is everyone’s favorite – lip trills! Whether you’ve been playing for a year or a decade, learning the technique(s) involved in a good lip trill is an important technique. Even if you never use them in public, […]

New Bootcamp Article: Lip Trills