bing metronome search

Google & Bing make finding a metronome even easier!

It seems that once a week or so I have a student claiming that they couldn’t use a metronome for some reason – if you have a similar problem, there are two options that anyone with a web browser and an internet connection can use – completely free!

If you go to Google, and just simply type in “metronome” Google will not only give you a few websites that offer free metronomes, but it will also give you a fully-functioning (though simple) metronome right in the search results, like so:

google metronome search
Google knows that steady rhythm is important, and makes it easy for you!

If you don’t particularly care for Google search, a similar search on Bing will yield the same result, although Microsoft’s metronome actually has a few more advanced functions than Google’s does:

bing metronome search
Bing gives you a few more options than Google, but they are both perfectly workable.

Of course, there are still a wide variety of metronome apps that you can get for free or a small amount of money, but now the number of excuses about not having a metronome or not being able to afford a metronome app are pretty much obsolete!