Since I’ve started this website, I’ve been slowly (very slowly) trying to write down exercises and other materials for my students and other horn players to use. While I was doing this I quickly realized that trying to do it by hand wasn’t going to work – my handwriting is […]

2018 Music Notation Software Options

internet router cable
An interesting update about the unprecedented number of comments that were received by the FCC regarding the repeal of the 2015 Open Internet Order (commonly referred to as net neutrality). When the FCC opened up comments from the public regarding net neutrality from April to August of 2017, they received […]

FCC Comments Show Nuanced Net Neutrality Understanding

empty stage
Here in Kentucky, it’s time for All-County and All-District auditions, and coming up next month is All-State. One of the things I hear quite a bit from more advanced students are questions about how to plan out your day (or days) when you have an important performance or audition. While […]

Performance Day Preparation Template

If you have Internet in your home, you probably have a router. Either you’re leasing one from your ISP (and you really should buy your own) or you bought one from Amazon or Best Buy. Your Router’s Function Either way, your router is one of the most vulnerable and critical […]

Update Your Router [NOW!]

classical musician performance anxiety
For musicians, some anxiety just before and during performances is an all-too-familiar problem. Some musicians feel twinges of excitement, while others can suffer almost-crippling sensations. Getting nerves during a performance seems to be especially common for classical musicians, and while nerves can be distracting in any context, they can be […]

3 Quick Tips to Reduce Nerves in Performance and Auditions

Since 2008, Google’s Chrome browser has been boon for all users of the internet, but lately there have been some curious developments taking place within the Chrome browser (and Google itself). Remember, if you will, browsing the internet in 2008.Microsoft’s Internet Explorer had around 70% of the browser market, with […]

Chrome Takes A(nother) Step Back From Privacy

Wiseman horn case empty
So, it finally happened. I have long lusted after a fancy and very cleverly-designed Wiseman horn case. Although there has been a tiny renaissance of horn cases over the past 15 years or so, with lots of different case designs from companies like Marcus Bonna, Protec, Cardocase, and quite a […]

Wiseman Horn Case Review

If you follow Android at all, you’ve probably heard at least a little bit about Google’s hardware event that happened yesterday. Here’s what Google announced. Devices Google announced three main devices yesterday, the Pixel 3 phones, the Pixel Slate tablet, and the Google Home Hub. There were also some accessories […]

Google’s October Hardware Event