There’s been lots of pretty negative news coming out of Facebook over the past few years. I’ve only touched on a couple of things (smartphone privacy, social engineering), but it’s looking more and more like Facebook is either grossly incompetant or a bad actor when it comes to respecting their […]

Facebook: Dumb or Evil?

I have been a Google fan for quite a few years. And while some of their business practices give me pause, I have more trust in Google than similar data-centric companies like Facebook. My fondness for Google has been tempered over the past couple of years by a series of […]

(New) Trust Issues With Google

I don’t think that it comes as any surprise that knowledge of scales and arpeggios is one of the keys to being a well-rounded musician. Knowing scales and arpeggios inside and out will improve almost every aspect of your playing. Intonation, technical facility, interval training, and sightreading are all improved […]

New Page: Extended Scale Exercises

If you’ve been a computer user for any length of time, you’ve run across compressed files. In the old days, you’d have to download a separate program to be able to deal with these compressed files, at least on Windows. Thankfully, current versions of Windows now come with the ability […]

WinRAR Vulnerability Leaves Millions of Users at Risk