French Horn Mouthpiece Chart 8

Due to the difficulty of comparing different brands of French horn mouthpieces with each other, I’ve put together this French horn mouthpiece chart to display the measurements of some of the most popular mouthpieces all in one place.

If you’re confused about how to go about picking out a mouthpiece, see my Choosing a Mouthpiece page!

You can also find out about the different components of a mouthpiece here.

French Horn Mouthpiece Chart

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Maker Model1- or 2- pieceThread typeRim IDRim shape (mm)Rim Width (mm)Cup depthCup shapeBore (mm)
Alexander - silver or gold plated. Available at Alexander
Atkinson - silver or gold plated. Available at Atkinson
AtkinsonC Cupcup onlyGiardinelliN/AN/AN/Adeepbowl5.79 - 4.5
AtkinsonD Cupcup onlyGiardinelliN/AN/AN/AdeepV shape5.79 - 4.5
AtkinsonH Cupcup onlyGiardinelliN/AN/AN/AdeepV shape5.79 - 4.5
AtkinsonD2 Cupcup onlyGiardinelliN/AN/AN/Aextra deepV shape5.79 - 4.5
AtkinsonG Cupcup onlyGiardinelliN/AN/AN/Amediumbowl5.05 - 4.5
AtkinsonG2 Cupcup onlyGiardinelliN/AN/AN/Adeepbowl5.05 - 4.5
AtkinsonDeskant Cupcup onlyGiardinelliN/AN/AN/AshallowSpecial Order
AtkinsonCantata Cupcup onlyGiardinelliN/AN/AN/Amedium-shallow5.79 - 4.5
AtkinsonLos Angeles Stylecup onlyGiardinelliN/AN/AN/Adeep5.79 - 4.5
Bach - silver or gold plated rim. Available at WWBW(silver) and WWBW(Gold rim).
Bach31 pieceN/A17.6thinmedium4.5
Bach71 pieceN/A17.25thinmedium
Bach7S1 pieceN/A17.25thinmediumlarger than 7
Bach101 pieceN/A16.8medium-widedeep
Bach10S1 pieceN/A16.8medium-widedeeplarger than 10
Bach111 pieceN/A16.55medium-widemedium
Bach121 pieceN/A16.5thinmedium
Bach151 pieceN/A16.3thinmedium
Bach161 pieceN/A16.25medium-widedeep
Bach181 pieceN/A16.15thinmedium
Balu Musik - "Planet" cups made of brass, "Meow" cups made of stainless steel. All rims made of stainless with with gold coating, and available with polished or satin finish. Available at Balu Musik.
Balu MusikMarscup onlyGiardinelliN/AN/AN/AshallowBowl4.6
Balu MusikLe Meowcup onlyGiardinelliN/AN/AN/AshallowBowl4.6
Balu MusikVenuscup onlyGiardinelliN/AN/AN/AmediumMedium funnel4.8
Balu MusikLe Mezzo Meowcup onlyGiardinelliN/AN/AN/AmediumMedium funnel4.8
Balu MusikJupitercup onlyGiardinelliN/AN/AN/AdeepBowl/Funnel5
Balu MusikLe Meow Meowcup onlyGiardinelliN/AN/AN/AdeepBowl/Funnel5
Balu MusikArim onlyGiardinelli17.6N/AN/AN/A
Balu MusikErim onlyGiardinelli17.35N/AN/AN/A
Cantesanu - silver cup, stainless steel rim. Available at Cantesanu.
CantesanuModel-C cupcup onlyGiardinelliN/AN/AN/Amediumbowl4.6
CantesanuModel-C XS rimrim onlyGiardinelli17.27roundmediumN/AN/AN/A
CantesanuModel-C S rimrim onlyGiardinelli17.52roundmediumN/AN/AN/A
CantesanuModel-C M rimrim onlyGiardinelli17.72roundmediumN/AN/AN/A
CantesanuModel-C L rimrim onlyGiardinelli17.98roundmediumN/AN/AN/A
CantesanuModel-C XL rimrim onlyGiardinelli18.28roundmediumN/AN/AN/A
Denis Wick - silver or gold plated. Heavy weight versions available. Available at WWBW(silver), WWBW(gold) and WWBW(heavyweight).
Denis Wick41-pieceN/A185deep4.7
Denis Wick4N1-pieceN/A183.93deep4.7
Denis Wick51-pieceN/A17.54.95medium deepfunnel-shaped4.6
Denis Wick5N1-pieceN/A17.53.9medium deepfunnel-shaped4.6
Denis Wick6N1-pieceN/A17.253.88medium deeprounded-funnel4.5
Denis Wick71-pieceN/A174.5medium deep4.5
Denis Wick7N1-pieceN/A173.85medium deep4.5
Denis Wick/Paxman - silver plated. Available at WWBW and Amazon.
Denis Wick/PaxmanDWPAX91-pieceN/A16.554.5medium4.4
Denis Wick/PaxmanDWPAX81-pieceN/A16.894.3medium4.5
Denis Wick/PaxmanDWPAX71-pieceN/A174.1medium4.5
Denis Wick/PaxmanDWPAX61-pieceN/A17.254.3medium deep4.5
Denis Wick/PaxmanDWPAX5.51-pieceN/A17.44.3medium deep4.5
Denis Wick/PaxmanDWPAX51-pieceN/A17.54.3medium deep4.6
Denis Wick/PaxmanDWPAX41-pieceN/A184.3deep4.7
Englebert Schmid - silver plated. Available at Englebert Schmid.
Englebert SchmidNo. 1.01-pieceN/A17.5 or 184shallowFunnel-shaped4
Englebert SchmidNo. 1.51-pieceN/A17.5 or 184medium-shallowFunnel-shaped4.2
Englebert SchmidNo. 2.01-pieceN/A17.5 or 184mediumFunnel-shaped4.4
Englebert SchmidNo. 2.51-pieceN/A17.5 or 184medium-deepFunnel-shaped4.7
Englebert SchmidNo. 3.01-pieceN/A17.5 or 184deepFunnel-shaped5
Englebert SchmidNo. 3.51-pieceN/A17.5 or 184extra deepFunnel-shaped5.4
Englebert SchmidNo. 4.01-pieceN/A174shallowslightly cup-shaped3.6
Englebert SchmidNo. 4.51-pieceN/A174medium-shallowslightly cup-shaped3.8
Englebert SchmidNo. 5.01-pieceN/A174mediumslightly cup-shaped4
Englebert SchmidNo. 5.51-pieceN/A174medium-deepslightly cup-shaped4.2
Englebert SchmidNo. 6.01-pieceN/A174deepslightly cup-shaped4.4
Englebert SchmidNo. 6.51-pieceN/A174extra deepslightly cup-shaped4.6
Englebert SchmidNo. 7.01-pieceN/A17.54shallowslightly cup-shaped3.7
Englebert SchmidNo. 7.51-pieceN/A17.54medium-shallowslightly cup-shaped3.9
Englebert SchmidNo. 8.01-pieceN/A17.54mediumslightly cup-shaped4.1
Englebert SchmidNo. 8.51-pieceN/A17.54medium-deepslightly cup-shaped4.3
Englebert SchmidNo. 9.01-pieceN/A17.54deepslightly cup-shaped4.5
Englebert SchmidNo. 9.51-pieceN/A17.54extra deepslightly cup-shaped4.7
Englebert SchmidNo. 10.01-pieceN/A184shallowslightly cup-shaped3.8
Englebert SchmidNo. 10.51-pieceN/A184medium-shallowslightly cup-shaped4
Englebert SchmidNo. 11.01-pieceN/A184mediumslightly cup-shaped4.2
Englebert SchmidNo. 11.51-pieceN/A184medium-deepslightly cup-shaped4.4
Englebert SchmidNo. 12.01-pieceN/A184deepslightly cup-shaped4.6
Englebert SchmidNo. 12.51-pieceN/A184extra deepslightly cup-shaped4.8
Englebert SchmidNo. 13.01-pieceN/A18.54shallowslightly cup-shaped3.9
Englebert SchmidNo. 13.51-pieceN/A18.54medium-shallowslightly cup-shaped4.1
Englebert SchmidNo. 14.01-pieceN/A18.54mediumslightly cup-shaped4.3
Englebert SchmidNo. 14.51-pieceN/A18.54medium-deepslightly cup-shaped4.5
Englebert SchmidNo. 15.01-pieceN/A18.54deepslightly cup-shaped4.7
Englebert SchmidNo. 15.51-pieceN/A18.54extra deepslightly cup-shaped4.9
Faxx - silver plated. Available at WWBW.
Giddings and Webster - stainless steel or titanium. Available at Giddings and Webster.
Giddings and WebsterFH-51-pieceN/A16.93.429.35.7
Giddings and WebsterFH-11-pieceN/A17.23.8204.2
Giddings and WebsterFH-1.51-pieceN/A17.23.8204.7
Giddings and WebsterFH-2.51-pieceN/A17.23.825.24.4
Giddings and WebsterFH-2.751-pieceN/A17.23.825.24.7
Giddings and WebsterFH-2001-pieceN/A17.43.8254.6
Giddings and WebsterFH-21-pieceN/A17.43.8264.6
Giddings and WebsterFH-31-pieceN/A17.83.626.64.4
Giddings and WebsterFH-3.251-pieceN/A17.83.626.64.7
Giddings and WebsterFH-3.51-pieceN/A17.83.525.64.4
Giddings and WebsterFH-3.751-pieceN/A17.83.525.64.7
Giddings and WebsterFH-4.251-pieceN/A17.93.526.54.4
Giddings and WebsterFH-4.51-pieceN/A17.93.526.54.7
Giddings and WebsterFH-3101-pieceN/A17.94264
Greg Black - silver plated. Available at Greg Black.
Greg BlackB1-pieceN/A17.4thindeep5.1
Greg BlackF1-pieceN/A17.5widemedium4.5
Greg BlackC1-pieceN/A17.5mediumdeep5.1
Greg BlackS1-pieceN/A17.5thinmedium-deep4.6
Greg BlackJ1-pieceN/A17.75mediumdeep5.3
Greg BlackBP1-pieceN/A17.5extra-wide cushionmedium-deepV-shape4.6
Holton Farkas - silver or gold plated. Available at WWBW(silver) and WWBW(gold).
FarkasSC1-pieceN/A16.87medium wideshallow4.32
FarkasMC1-pieceN/A16.81medium widemedium4.62
FarkasMDC1-pieceN/A16.21medium widemedium deep4.52
FarkasVDC1-pieceN/A16.7thinvery deep5.23
FarkasXDC1-pieceN/A16.94medium thinextra deep5.23
Houghton Horns - brass, silver plate, or stainless steel. Available at Houghton Horns.
HoughtonH1 CupCup onlyGiardinelliN/AN/AN/Ahigh-volumebowl shaped4.6
HoughtonH2 CupCup onlyGiardinelliN/AN/AN/Amediumbowl shaped4.5
HoughtonH3 CupCup onlyGiardinelliN/AN/AN/Adeepfunnel/bowl4.4
HoughtonH1 RimRim onlyGiardinelli17.25-18.25Round with defined high pointmedium thinN/AN/AN/A
HoughtonH2 RimRim onlyGiardinelli17.75Semi-flat with defined high pointMedium-wideN/AN/AN/A
HoughtonH3 RimRim onlyGiardinelli17.75Semi-flat with defined high pointMedium-wideN/AN/AN/A
Houser - silver plate, stainless steel, H-Koted stainless. Available at Houser.
HouserBloom (BL)2-pieceGiardinelli17.5-18.5Med narrow3.3very deepslightly curved5.75 - 5.1
HouserJL2-pieceGiardinelli17-18.25Med. narrow oval3.25medium-deepslightly curved5.1 - 4.8
HouserLandsman2-piece (.650 @ jct)Giardinelli18Med. narrow oval3.25medium-deepslightly curved5.1-4.8
HouserStandley (GS)2-pieceGiardinelli17.5-19Med narrow oval3.23mediums-shaped4.8
HouserGail Williamsrim onlyGiardinelli18.5semi-round, very prominent peak3.3N/AN/AN/A
HouserJon Ringrim onlyGiardinelli17.75Semi-flat oval3.38N/AN/AN/A
HouserM1rim onlyGiardinelli17.5Med round/oval3.45N/AN/AN/A
HouserB23Grim onlyGiardinelli17Round reverse peak3.48N/AN/AN/A
HouserBob Wardrim onlyGiardinelli17.5Oval3.51N/AN/AN/A
HouserSingerrim onlyGiardinelli17.5Med round3.53N/AN/AN/A
HouserErim onlyGiardinelli17.5-18.5Med round, defined high point3.56N/AN/AN/A
HouserP10Grim onlyGiardinelli17.5-18.5Med round, defined inner edge3.56N/AN/AN/A
HouserAN PHCrim onlyGiardinelli17.75Semi flat3.61N/AN/AN/A
HouserNikki Cashrim onlyGiardinelli18Full round3.68N/AN/AN/A
HouserBloom +.03Wrim onlyGiardinelli17.5-18.5Med round/oval3.78N/AN/AN/A
HouserM4rim onlyGiardinelli17.5Med round/oval3.84N/AN/AN/A
HouserSrim onlyGiardinelli17.5-18.5Med wide3.84N/AN/AN/A
HouserSan Francisco (SF)Cup onlyGiardinelliN/AN/AN/Amediumbowl4.6
HouserKovachCup onlyGiardinelliN/AN/AN/Amoderately deepupper bowl - convex to throat4.5
HouserRobert ReardenCup onlyGiardinelliN/AN/AN/Amedium deepupper bowl, funnel throat4.8-5.2
Josef Klier - silver plated. Available at Josef Klier.
Josef Klier4AK1-pieceN/A16.5round4very deepV-shaped4.8
Josef Klier4BK1-pieceN/A16.5round4very deepV-shaped4.6
Josef Klier4CK1-pieceN/A16.5round4deepV-shaped4.4
Josef Klier4DK1-pieceN/A16.5round4mediumV-shaped4.2
Josef Klier4EK1-pieceN/A16.5round4shallowV-shaped4
Josef Klier4FK1-pieceN/A16.5round4very shallowV-shaped3.8
Josef Klier3AK1-pieceN/A17round4very deepV-shaped4.8
Josef Klier3BK1-pieceN/A17round4very deepV-shaped4.6
Josef Klier3CK1-pieceN/A17round4deepV-shaped4.4
Josef Klier3DK1-pieceN/A17round4mediumV-shaped4.2
Josef Klier3EK1-pieceN/A17round4shallowV-shaped4
Josef Klier3FK1-pieceN/A17round4very shallowV-shaped3.8
Josef Klier2AK1-pieceN/A17.5round4very deepV-shaped4.8
Josef Klier2BK1-pieceN/A17.5round4very deepV-shaped4.6
Josef Klier2CK1-pieceN/A17.5round4deepV-shaped4.4
Josef Klier2DK1-pieceN/A17.5round4mediumV-shaped4.2
Josef Klier2EK1-pieceN/A17.5round4shallowV-shaped4
Josef Klier2FK1-pieceN/A17.5round4very shallowV-shaped3.8
Josef Klier1AK1-pieceN/A18round4very deepV-shaped4.8
Josef Klier1BK1-pieceN/A18round4very deepV-shaped4.6
Josef Klier1CK1-pieceN/A18round4deepV-shaped4.4
Josef Klier1DK1-pieceN/A18round4mediumV-shaped4.2
Josef Klier1EK1-pieceN/A18round4shallowV-shaped4
Josef Klier1FK1-pieceN/A18round4very shallowV-shaped3.8
Josef Klier0AK1-pieceN/A18.5round4very deepV-shaped4.8
Josef Klier0BK1-pieceN/A18.5round4very deepV-shaped4.6
Josef Klier0CK1-pieceN/A18.5round4deepV-shaped4.4
Josef Klier0DK1-pieceN/A18.5round4mediumV-shaped4.2
Josef Klier0EK1-pieceN/A18.5round4shallowV-shaped4
Josef Klier0FK1-pieceN/A18.5round4very shallowV-shaped3.8
Josef Klier4AM1-pieceN/A16.5semi-round4very deepbowl-shaped4.8
Josef Klier4BM1-pieceN/A16.5semi-round4very deepbowl-shaped4.6
Josef Klier4CM1-pieceN/A16.5semi-round4deepbowl-shaped4.4
Josef Klier4DM1-pieceN/A16.5semi-round4mediumbowl-shaped4.2
Josef Klier4EM1-pieceN/A16.5semi-round4shallowbowl-shaped4
Josef Klier4FM1-pieceN/A16.5semi-round4very shallowbowl-shaped3.8
Josef Klier3AM1-pieceN/A17semi-round4very deepbowl-shaped4.8
Josef Klier3BM1-pieceN/A17semi-round4very deepbowl-shaped4.6
Josef Klier3CM1-pieceN/A17semi-round4deepbowl-shaped4.4
Josef Klier3DM1-pieceN/A17semi-round4mediumbowl-shaped4.2
Josef Klier3EM1-pieceN/A17semi-round4shallowbowl-shaped4
Josef Klier3FM1-pieceN/A17semi-round4very shallowbowl-shaped3.8
Josef Klier2AM1-pieceN/A17.5semi-round4very deepbowl-shaped4.8
Josef Klier2BM1-pieceN/A17.5semi-round4very deepbowl-shaped4.6
Josef Klier2CM1-pieceN/A17.5semi-round4deepbowl-shaped4.4
Josef Klier2DM1-pieceN/A17.5semi-round4mediumbowl-shaped4.2
Josef Klier2EM1-pieceN/A17.5semi-round4shallowbowl-shaped4
Josef Klier2FM1-pieceN/A17.5semi-round4very shallowbowl-shaped3.8
Josef Klier1AM1-pieceN/A18semi-round4very deepbowl-shaped4.8
Josef Klier1BM1-pieceN/A18semi-round4very deepbowl-shaped4.6
Josef Klier1CM1-pieceN/A18semi-round4deepbowl-shaped4.4
Josef Klier1DM1-pieceN/A18semi-round4mediumbowl-shaped4.2
Josef Klier1EM1-pieceN/A18semi-round4shallowbowl-shaped4
Josef Klier1FM1-pieceN/A18semi-round4very shallowbowl-shaped3.8
Josef Klier01AM1-pieceN/A18.5semi-round4very deepbowl-shaped4.8
Josef Klier01BM1-pieceN/A18.5semi-round4very deepbowl-shaped4.6
Josef Klier01CM1-pieceN/A18.5semi-round4deepbowl-shaped4.4
Josef Klier01DM1-pieceN/A18.5semi-round4mediumbowl-shaped4.2
Josef Klier01EM1-pieceN/A18.5semi-round4shallowbowl-shaped4
Josef Klier01FM1-pieceN/A18.5semi-round4very shallowbowl-shaped3.8
Kelly - plastic or stainless steel. Available at Kelly.
KellyMDC1-pieceN/A16.3medium deep
Kelly111-pieceN/A18.3medium deep
Laskey - silver or gold plated. Available at WWBW.
Laskey70J1-pieceN/A17round, defined high point3.49shallowcone-shaped4.6
Laskey70G1-pieceN/A17round, defined high point3.49mediumbowl-shaped4.6
Laskey70F1-pieceN/A17round, defined high point3.49medium-deepfunnel-bowl4.6
Laskey70E1-pieceN/A17round, defined high point3.49deepfunnel-bowl4.6
Laskey725J1-pieceN/A17.25round, defined high point3.49shallowcone-shaped4.6
Laskey725G1-pieceN/A17.25round, defined high point3.49mediumbowl-shaped4.6
Laskey725F1-pieceN/A17.25round, defined high point3.49medium-deepfunnel-bowl4.6
Laskey75J1-pieceN/A17.5round, defined high point3.49shallowcone-shaped4.6
Laskey75G1-pieceN/A17.5round, defined high point3.49mediumbowl-shaped4.6
Laskey75F1-pieceN/A17.5round, defined high point3.49medium-deepfunnel-bowl4.6
Laskey75E1-pieceN/A17.5round, defined high point3.49deepfunnel-bowl4.6
Laskey775J1-pieceN/A17.75round, defined high point3.49shallowcone-shaped4.6
Laskey775G1-pieceN/A17.75round, defined high point3.49mediumbowl-shaped4.6
Laskey775F1-pieceN/A17.75round, defined high point3.49medium-deepfunnel-bowl4.6
Laskey80J1-pieceN/A18round, defined high point3.49shallowcone-shaped4.6
Laskey80G1-pieceN/A18round, defined high point3.49mediumbowl-shaped4.6
Laskey80F1-pieceN/A18round, defined high point3.49medium-deepfunnel-bowl4.6
Laskey80E1-pieceN/A18round, defined high point3.49deepfunnel-bowl4.6
Laskey825J1-pieceN/A18.25round, defined high point3.49shallowcone-shaped4.6
Laskey825G1-pieceN/A18.25round, defined high point3.49mediumbowl-shaped4.6
Laskey85J1-pieceN/A18.5round, defined high point3.49shallowcone-shaped4.6
Laskey85G1-pieceN/A18.5round, defined high point3.49mediumbowl-shaped4.6
Lawson silver or gold plate. No longer in production - only available used (or copies by other makers). G suffix  means rim contour continues to outer rim.
LawsonB23Grim onlyLawson17.5-18reverse-peakthinN/AN/AN/A
LawsonKGrim onlyLawson17.5-18roundthinN/AN/AN/A
LawsonP10Grim onlyLawson17.5-18ovalmediumN/AN/AN/A
LawsonR10Grim onlyLawson17.5-18cushionwideN/AN/AN/A
LawsonS Cupcup onlyLawsonN/AN/AN/Amediumbowl4.8
LawsonF Cupcup onlyLawsonN/AN/AN/Amedium shallowbowl4.8
Maelstrom - stainless steel. 3-piece system, cup and shank can be chosen seperately. Two different shank taper available (standard and vortex). Available at Maelstrom.
MaelstromArim onlyGiardinelli17.6semi-flatmediumN/AN/AN/A
MaelstromErim onlyGiardinelli17.35reverse-peakmediumN/AN/AN/A
MaelstromScup onlyGiardinelli/PHCN/AN/AN/Ashallowbowl4-5.8
MaelstromMScup onlyGiardinelli/PHCN/AN/AN/AmediumV-shaped4-5.9
MaelstromMcup onlyGiardinelli/PHCN/AN/AN/Amediumbowl4-5.10
MaelstromMLcup onlyGiardinelli/PHCN/AN/AN/AmediumS-shaped funnel4-5.11
MaelstromLcup onlyGiardinelli/PHCN/AN/AN/Adeepbowl/funnel4-5.12
Marcinkiewicz - silver plated. Different outer contours/weights available. Available at WWBW: Standard, Symphonic (S suffix), Pro (CHEF), Pro (2-piece).
MarcinkiewiczCH1S1 or 2 pieceGiardinelli17.93.7525.55.79
MarcinkiewiczCH3S1 or 2 pieceGiardinelli17.93.7525.25.4
MarcinkiewiczCH5S1 or 2 pieceGiardinelli17.753.8255.2
MarcinkiewiczCH7S1 or 2 pieceGiardinelli17.753.824.75.1
MarcinkiewiczCH9S1 or 2 pieceGiardinelli17.63.924.55
MarcinkiewiczCH11S1 or 2 pieceGiardinelli17.63.924.24.9
MarcinkiewiczCH13S1 or 2 pieceGiardinelli17.44244.7
MarcinkiewiczCH15S1 or 2 pieceGiardinelli17.4423.84.6
MarcinkiewiczCH17S1 or 2 pieceGiardinelli17.4423.64.4
MarcinkiewiczCHEF1 (Cerminaro)1 or 2 pieceGiardinelli17.44395.79
MarcinkiewiczCHEF3 (Taylor)1 or 2 pieceGiardinelli17.93.7525.25.79
MarcinkiewiczCHEF5 (Cerminaro)1 or 2 pieceGiardinelli17.43.2527.65.79
MarcinkiewiczCHEF21 (Cox)1 or 2 pieceGiardinelli17.43.622.34.6
Moosewood - silver, gold plate or plastic. Available at Atkinson.
MoosewoodNrim onlyGiardinelli17.25medium round3.4N/AN/AN/A
MoosewoodM1rim onlyGiardinelli17.3medium round3.6N/AN/AN/A
MoosewoodM2rim onlyGiardinelli17.3medium round3.6N/AN/AN/A
MoosewoodM3rim onlyGiardinelli17.3medium round4N/AN/AN/A
MoosewoodM4rim onlyGiardinelli17.5medium round3.9N/AN/AN/A
MoosewoodM5rim onlyGiardinelli17.5inward cant3.9N/AN/AN/A
MoosewoodM6rim onlyGiardinelli18medium round3.6N/AN/AN/A
MoosewoodR1rim onlyGiardinelli17.25round3.4N/AN/AN/A
MoosewoodR2rim onlyGiardinelli17.3round3.6N/AN/AN/A
MoosewoodR3rim onlyGiardinelli17.3round4N/AN/AN/A
MoosewoodR4rim onlyGiardinelli17.5round3.9N/AN/AN/A
MoosewoodFNrim onlyGiardinelli17.5medium flat3.3N/AN/AN/A
MoosewoodF1rim onlyGiardinelli17.5medium flat3.5N/AN/AN/A
MoosewoodF2rim onlyGiardinelli17.5medium flat3.6N/AN/AN/A
MoosewoodFL4rim onlyGiardinelli17.5medium flat3.9N/AN/AN/A
MoosewoodW3rim onlyGiardinelli17.5medium round4N/AN/AN/A
MoosewoodW4rim onlyGiardinelli18medium round4N/AN/AN/A
MoosewoodW5rim onlyGiardinelli18medium round5N/AN/AN/A
MoosewoodW6rim onlyGiardinelli18.5medium round5.25N/AN/AN/A
MoosewoodSanders Cushionrim onlyGiardinelli18rounded concave6N/AN/AN/A
MoosewoodAcup onlyGiardinelliN/AN/AN/Amedium deep5.1-4.9
MoosewoodADcup onlyGiardinelliN/AN/AN/Amedium deep5.1
MoosewoodBcup onlyGiardinelliN/AN/AN/Amedium4.8
MoosewoodBDcup onlyGiardinelliN/AN/AN/Amedium shallow4.1
MoosewoodBRcup onlyGiardinelliN/AN/AN/Adeep4.6
MoosewoodBWcup onlyGiardinelliN/AN/AN/Amedium4.8
MoosewoodBVcup onlyGiardinelliN/AN/AN/Amedium4.5
MoosewoodBV2cup onlyGiardinelliN/AN/AN/Amedium4.5
MoosewoodBAcup onlyGiardinelliN/AN/AN/Amedium4.5
MoosewoodCcup onlyGiardinelliN/AN/AN/Adeep5.1
MoosewoodCDcup onlyGiardinelliN/AN/AN/Adeep5.1
MoosewoodDBcup onlyGiardinelliN/AN/AN/Adeep4.9
MoosewoodEcup onlyGiardinelliN/AN/AN/Amedium5.2
MoosewoodFcup onlyGiardinelliN/AN/AN/Amedium-deep4.6
Osmun - silver or gold plated. Available at Osmun.
Osmun7rim onlyGiardinelli/PHC17-18.25roundmedium narrowN/AN/AN/A
OsmunA (Alexander)rim onlyPHC17-18.5semi-round, pronounced crown4.25N/AN/AN/A
OsmunC (Chicago)rim onlyGiardinelli/PHC17-19semi-round4.19N/AN/AN/A
OsmunG (Geyer)rim onlyGiardinelli/PHC17-19semi-flat3.61N/AN/AN/A
OsmunL (London)rim onlyGiardinelli/PHC17-19slightly rounded4.29N/AN/AN/A
OsmunL6rim onlyGiardinelli/PHC17-19slight reverse peak3.71N/AN/AN/A
OsmunLSrim onlyGiardinelli/PHC17-18.5round, defined high point3.49N/AN/AN/A
OsmunNY (New York)rim onlyGiardinelli16.84-17.15sharp reverse peak3.45N/AN/AN/A
OsmunP1rim onlyGiardinelli/PHC17-19round3.81N/AN/AN/A
OsmunV (Vienna)rim onlyGiardinelli/PHC17-19round3.23N/AN/AN/A
OsmunNS (Neil Sanders)rim onlyGiardinelli16.94flat, reverse peak6.45N/AN/AN/A
OsmunES (E. Schmid)rim onlyGiardinelli/PHC17-18.5semi-round, pronounced bite3.99N/AN/AN/A
OsmunESD (E. Schmid Digital)rim onlyPHC17.5-18semi-flat, reverse peak3.99N/AN/AN/A
OsmunBcup onlyGiardinelli/PHCN/AN/AN/A22.9moderate bowl4.9-4.3
OsmunC (Chicago)cup onlyGiardinelli/PHCN/AN/AN/A25.6fairly straight sides5.1-4.3
OsmunCD (Chicago Deep)cup onlyGiardinelli/PHCN/AN/AN/A26.3fairly straight sides5.1-4.3
OsmunG (Geyer)cup onlyGiardinelli/PHCN/AN/AN/A23.8fairly straight sides5.1-4.3
OsmunH (Haydn)cup onlyGiardinelli/PHCN/AN/AN/A19.8slight S shaped4.5
OsmunL (London)cup onlyGiardinelli/PHCN/AN/AN/A23.7concave to convex bowl5.1-4.3
OsmunL (London Deep)cup onlyGiardinelli/PHCN/AN/AN/A26.3concave to convex bowl5.1-4.3
OsmunV (Vienna)cup onlyGiardinelli/PHCN/AN/AN/A31.5straight sides, slightly convex5.1-4.3
OsmunN (Navarro)cup onlyGiardinelli/PHCN/AN/AN/A24.8hybrid of London and Chicago cups5.1-4.9
OsmunNY (New York)cup onlyGiardinelliN/AN/AN/A29slightly concave5.79-4.9
Patterson - silver plated. Available at Patterson.
PattersonStandardcup onlyGiardinelliN/AN/AN/Amediumslightly concave5.8-4.3
PattersonDeRosacup onlyGiardinelliN/AN/AN/Amedium deep5.8-5.2
PattersonGeyercup onlyGiardinelliN/AN/AN/Amediumslight bowl4.8
PattersonDeRosa 1rim onlyGiardinelli17.24.1N/AN/AN/A
PattersonDeRosa 2rim onlyGiardinelli17.23.8N/AN/AN/A
PattersonDeRosa 3rim onlyGiardinelli17.23.6N/AN/AN/A
PattersonDeRosa 4rim onlyGiardinelli17.23.3N/AN/AN/A
Paxman - silver plated. Available at Paxman.
Paxman5Acup onlyPHCN/AN/AN/Amedium-shallowbowl4.5
Paxman5Bcup onlyPHCN/AN/AN/Amediumfunnel4.7
Paxman5Ccup onlyPHCN/AN/AN/Adeepfunnel4.7
Paxman5rim onlyPHC17.54.5N/AN/AN/A
Paxman5Xrim onlyPHC17.53.75N/AN/AN/A
Paxman5Lrim onlyPHC184.25N/AN/AN/A
Paxman5XLrim onlyPHC184N/AN/AN/A
PHC - silver plated. Available at Ebay(cups), Ebay(rims).
PHCUS-1rim onlyPHC173.5N/AN/AN/A
PHCUS-2rim onlyPHC173.8N/AN/AN/A
PHCANrim onlyPHC17.53.75N/AN/AN/A
PHCASrim onlyPHC17.54.5N/AN/AN/A
PHCAMrim onlyPHC17.55.1N/AN/AN/A
PHCAQrim onlyPHC17.55.7N/AN/AN/A
PHCAS-18rim onlyPHC184.25N/AN/AN/A
PHCS-18rim onlyPHC184.5N/AN/AN/A
PHCNrim onlyPHC18.54N/AN/AN/A
PHCSrim onlyPHC18.54.78N/AN/AN/A
PHCMrim onlyPHC18.55.25N/AN/AN/A
PHCWrim onlyPHC18.55.7N/AN/AN/A
PHC20cup onlyPHCN/AN/AN/Ashallow4.5
PHC20AXcup onlyPHCN/AN/AN/Ashallow4
PHC21cup onlyPHCN/AN/AN/Amedium-shallowbowl-shaped4.8
PHC21Acup onlyPHCN/AN/AN/Amedium-shallowbowl-shaped4.5
PHC22cup onlyPHCN/AN/AN/Amediumslight double-bowl5.2
PHC22Acup onlyPHCN/AN/AN/Amediumslight double-bowl4.7
PHC23cup onlyPHCN/AN/AN/Amediummedium funnel5.2
PHC23Acup onlyPHCN/AN/AN/Amediummedium funnel4.7
PHC24cup onlyPHCN/AN/AN/Adeepmore bowl-shaped5.2
PHC24Acup onlyPHCN/AN/AN/Adeepmore bowl-shaped4.7
PHC25cup onlyPHCN/AN/AN/Adeepdeep funnel5.2
PHC25Acup onlyPHCN/AN/AN/Adeepdeep funnel4.7
PHC30cup onlyPHCN/AN/AN/Avery deepViennese-style funnel5.2
PHC30Acup onlyPHCN/AN/AN/Avery deep4.8
PHC35cup onlyPHCN/AN/AN/Avery deep5.8
Pizka - silver plate. Available at Pizka.
PizkaPizka Mouthpiece1-pieceN/A17.5very narrowdeepfunnel5
Romera Brass - silver or gold plated. Plastic rims available as well. Available at Romera Brass.
RomeraFrim only16.25-18.25semi-flatN/AN/AN/A
RomeraSrim only16.25-18.25roundN/AN/AN/A
D: For descant hornsRomera8D121- or 2-piece16.25F or S4.412shallow U3.6
Romera10D121- or 2-piece16.5F or S4.312shallow U3.6
Romera15D121- or 2-piece16.8F or S4.112shallow U3.6
Romera20D121- or 2-piece17F or S4.312shallow U3.6
Romera25D121- or 2-piece17.25F or S4.112shallow U3.6
Romera30D121- or 2-piece17.5F or S412shallow U3.6
Romera35D121- or 2-piece17.75F or S412shallow U3.6
Romera40D121- or 2-piece18F or S412shallow U3.6
Romera45D121- or 2-piece18.25F or S3.812shallow U3.6
Romera8D151- or 2-piece16.25F or S4.415shallow bowl3.8
Romera10D151- or 2-piece16.5F or S4.315shallow bowl3.8
Romera15D151- or 2-piece16.8F or S4.115shallow bowl3.8
Romera15D201- or 2-piece17F or S4.315shallow bowl3.8
Romera15D251- or 2-piece17.25F or S4.115shallow bowl3.8
Romera15D301- or 2-piece17.5F or S415shallow bowl3.8
Romera15D351- or 2-piece17.75F or S415shallow bowl3.8
Romera15D401- or 2-piece18F or S415shallow bowl3.8
Romera15D451- or 2-piece18.25F or S3.815shallow bowl3.8
R: For double hornsRomera8R201- or 2-piece16.25F or S4.420medium-shallow bowl4
Romera10R201- or 2-piece16.5F or S4.320medium-shallow bowl4
Romera15R201- or 2-piece16.8F or S4.120medium-shallow bowl4
Romera20R201- or 2-piece17F or S4.320medium-shallow bowl4
Romera25R201- or 2-piece17.25F or S4.120medium-shallow bowl4
Romera30R201- or 2-piece17.5F or S420medium-shallow bowl4
Romera35R201- or 2-piece17.75F or S420medium-shallow bowl4
Romera40R201- or 2-piece18F or S420medium-shallow bowl4
Romera45R201- or 2-piece18.25F or S3.820medium-shallow bowl4
Romera8R211- or 2-piece16.25F or S4.421medium bowl4.25
Romera10R211- or 2-piece16.5F or S4.321medium bowl4.25
Romera15R211- or 2-piece16.8F or S4.121medium bowl4.25
Romera20R211- or 2-piece17F or S4.321medium bowl4.25
Romera25R211- or 2-piece17.25F or S4.121medium bowl4.25
Romera30R211- or 2-piece17.5F or S421medium bowl4.25
Romera35R211- or 2-piece17.75F or S421medium bowl4.25
Romera40R211- or 2-piece18F or S421medium bowl4.25
Romera45R211- or 2-piece18.25F or S3.821medium bowl4.25
Romera8R221- or 2-piece16.25F or S4.422medium bowl4.25
Romera10R221- or 2-piece16.5F or S4.322medium bowl4.25
Romera15R221- or 2-piece16.8F or S4.122medium bowl4.25
Romera20R221- or 2-piece17F or S4.322medium bowl4.25
Romera25R221- or 2-piece17.25F or S4.122medium bowl4.25
Romera30R221- or 2-piece17.5F or S422medium bowl4.25
Romera35R221- or 2-piece17.75F or S422medium bowl4.25
Romera40R221- or 2-piece18F or S422medium bowl4.25
Romera45R221- or 2-piece18.25F or S3.822medium bowl4.25
Romera8R231- or 2-piece16.25F or S4.423medium-deep bowl4.4
Romera10R231- or 2-piece16.5F or S4.323medium-deep bowl4.4
Romera15R231- or 2-piece16.8F or S4.123medium-deep bowl4.4
Romera20R231- or 2-piece17F or S4.323medium-deep bowl4.4
Romera25R231- or 2-piece17.25F or S4.123medium-deep bowl4.4
Romera30R231- or 2-piece17.5F or S423medium-deep bowl4.4
Romera35R231- or 2-piece17.75F or S423medium-deep bowl4.4
Romera40R231- or 2-piece18F or S423medium-deep bowl4.4
Romera45R231- or 2-piece18.25F or S3.823medium-deep bowl4.4
Romera8R241- or 2-piece16.25F or S4.424deep bowl4.5
Romera10R241- or 2-piece16.5F or S4.324deep bowl4.5
Romera15R241- or 2-piece16.8F or S4.124deep bowl4.5
Romera20R241- or 2-piece17F or S4.324deep bowl4.5
Romera25R241- or 2-piece17.25F or S4.124deep bowl4.5
Romera30R241- or 2-piece17.5F or S424deep bowl4.5
Romera35R241- or 2-piece17.75F or S424deep bowl4.5
Romera40R241- or 2-piece18F or S424deep bowl4.5
Romera45R241- or 2-piece18.25F or S3.824deep bowl4.5
Romera8R251- or 2-piece16.25F or S4.425very deep4.8
Romera10R251- or 2-piece16.5F or S4.325very deep4.8
Romera15R251- or 2-piece16.8F or S4.125very deep4.8
Romera20R251- or 2-piece17F or S4.325very deep4.8
Romera25R251- or 2-piece17.25F or S4.125very deep4.8
Romera30R251- or 2-piece17.5F or S425very deep4.8
Romera35R251- or 2-piece17.75F or S425very deep4.8
Romera40R251- or 2-piece18F or S425very deep4.8
Romera45R251- or 2-piece18.25F or S3.825very deep4.8
V: For Vienna hornsRomera8V201- or 2-piece16.25F or S4.420shallow V4
Romera10V201- or 2-piece16.5F or S4.320shallow V4
Romera15V201- or 2-piece16.8F or S4.120shallow V4
Romera20V201- or 2-piece17F or S4.320shallow V4
Romera25V201- or 2-piece17.25F or S4.120shallow V4
Romera30V201- or 2-piece17.5F or S420shallow V4
Romera35V201- or 2-piece17.75F or S420shallow V4
Romera40V201- or 2-piece18F or S420shallow V4
Romera45V201- or 2-piece18.25F or S3.820shallow V4
Romera8V211- or 2-piece16.25F or S4.421medium-shallow V4.25
Romera10V211- or 2-piece16.5F or S4.321medium-shallow V4.25
Romera15V211- or 2-piece16.8F or S4.121medium-shallow V4.25
Romera21V211- or 2-piece17F or S4.321medium-shallow V4.25
Romera25V211- or 2-piece17.25F or S4.121medium-shallow V4.25
Romera30V211- or 2-piece17.5F or S421medium-shallow V4.25
Romera35V211- or 2-piece17.75F or S421medium-shallow V4.25
Romera40V211- or 2-piece18F or S421medium-shallow V4.25
Romera45V211- or 2-piece18.25F or S3.821medium-shallow V4.25
Romera8V221- or 2-piece16.25F or S4.422medium V4.25
Romera10V221- or 2-piece16.5F or S4.322medium V4.25
Romera15V221- or 2-piece16.8F or S4.122medium V4.25
Romera22V221- or 2-piece17F or S4.322medium V4.25
Romera25V221- or 2-piece17.25F or S4.122medium V4.25
Romera30V221- or 2-piece17.5F or S422medium V4.25
Romera35V221- or 2-piece17.75F or S422medium V4.25
Romera40V221- or 2-piece18F or S422medium V4.25
Romera45V221- or 2-piece18.25F or S3.822medium V4.25
Romera8V231- or 2-piece16.25F or S4.423medium V4.4
Romera10V231- or 2-piece16.5F or S4.323medium V4.4
Romera15V231- or 2-piece16.8F or S4.123medium V4.4
Romera23V231- or 2-piece17F or S4.323medium V4.4
Romera25V231- or 2-piece17.25F or S4.123medium V4.4
Romera30V231- or 2-piece17.5F or S423medium V4.4
Romera35V231- or 2-piece17.75F or S423medium V4.4
Romera40V231- or 2-piece18F or S423medium V4.4
Romera45V231- or 2-piece18.25F or S3.823medium V4.4
Romera8V241- or 2-piece16.25F or S4.424deep V4.5
Romera10V241- or 2-piece16.5F or S4.324deep V4.5
Romera15V241- or 2-piece16.8F or S4.124deep V4.5
Romera24V241- or 2-piece17F or S4.324deep V4.5
Romera25V241- or 2-piece17.25F or S4.124deep V4.5
Romera30V241- or 2-piece17.5F or S424deep V4.5
Romera35V241- or 2-piece17.75F or S424deep V4.5
Romera40V241- or 2-piece18F or S424deep V4.5
Romera45V241- or 2-piece18.25F or S3.824deep V4.5
Romera8V251- or 2-piece16.25F or S4.425very deep V4.8
Romera10V251- or 2-piece16.5F or S4.325very deep V4.8
Romera15V251- or 2-piece16.8F or S4.125very deep V4.8
Romera25V251- or 2-piece17F or S4.325very deep V4.8
Romera25V251- or 2-piece17.25F or S4.125very deep V4.8
Romera30V251- or 2-piece17.5F or S425very deep V4.8
Romera35V251- or 2-piece17.75F or S425very deep V4.8
Romera40V251- or 2-piece18F or S425very deep V4.8
Romera45V251- or 2-piece18.25F or S3.825very deep V4.8
Shilke - silver or gold plated. Available at WWBW(silver) and WWBW(gold).
Schilke301-pieceN/A17.03roundwidemedium deep
Siegfried's Call - bronze-coated stainless steel. Available at Siegfried's Call.
Siegfried's CallSCCRrim onlyGiardinelli17.5-18.5wide ovalwide
Siegfried's CallSCTRrim onlyGiardinelli17.25-18.5ovalmedium
Siegfried's CallSCUTRrim onlyGiardinelli17.25-18.5slight ovalthin
Siegfried's CallRachel Drehmannrim onlyGiardinelli17.75
Siegfried's CallSCSBcup onlyGiardinelliN/A30fairly straight sides4.8-5.2
Siegfried's CallSCRDcup onlyGiardinelliN/Amediumbowl4.3
Siegfried's CallSCCWcup onlyGiardinelliN/Adeepfunnel4.4
Stork - silver plated. Available at WWBW - see each row for specific link.
Available at:
WWBW C-seriesStorkC1-pieceN/A16.9reverse peak3.4 - 4deepV-shaped5.79-4.3
WWBW-CM seriesStorkCM1-pieceN/A16.9reverse peak3.4 - 4mediumbowl5.79-4.3
WWBW-CS seriesStorkCS1-pieceN/A16.9reverse peak3.4 - 4shallowfunnel5.79-4.3
WWBW CA-seriesStorkCA1-pieceN/A17.5reverse peak3.4 - 4deepV-shaped5.79-4.3
WWBW CMA-seriesStorkCMA1-pieceN/A17.5reverse peak3.4 - 4mediumbowl5.79-4.3
WWBW CSA-seriesStorkCSA1-pieceN/A17.5reverse peak3.4 - 4shallowfunnel5.79-4.3
WWBW CB-seriesStorkCB1-pieceN/A17.7reverse peak3.4 - 4deepV-shaped5.79-4.3
WWBW CMB-seriesStorkCMB1-pieceN/A17.7reverse peak3.4 - 4mediumbowl5.79-4.3
WWBW CSB-seriesStorkCSB1-pieceN/A17.7reverse peak3.4 - 4shallowfunnel5.79-4.3
WWBW MyersStorkMyers 1-81-pieceN/A16.8reverse peak2.9extra deepstraight sides5.79 - 5
WWBW WekreStorkWekre1-pieceN/A17.3defined inner edge, semi-flat3.229.3bowl5 - 4.9
WWBW - OrvalStorkOrval 41-pieceN/A16.6defined inner edge, semi-round3.331.8very bowl shaped4.6
StorkOrval 4 1/41-pieceN/A16.8defined inner edge, semi-round3.332.6very bowl shaped4.6
StorkOrval 4 1/21-pieceN/A16.9defined inner edge, semi-round3.432.6very bowl shaped4.6
StorkOrval 4 3/41-pieceN/A17.1defined inner edge, semi-round3.432.6very bowl shaped4.6
StorkOrval 51-pieceN/A17.3defined inner edge, semi-round3.432.6very bowl shaped4.6
StorkOrval 5 1/41-pieceN/A17.4defined inner edge, semi-round3.432.6very bowl shaped4.6
StorkOrval 5 1/21-pieceN/A17.7defined inner edge, semi-round3.432.6very bowl shaped4.6
StorkOrval 5 3/41-pieceN/A17.8defined inner edge, semi-round3.432.6very bowl shaped4.6
StorkOrval 61-pieceN/A17.9defined inner edge, semi-round3.433.2very bowl shaped4.6
Thompson Edition - silver or gold plate. Available at Thompson Edition.
Thompson EditionT12-pieceGiardinelli16.8medium thin24.324shallow, bowl4.4
Thompson EditionT22-pieceGiardinelli16.8medium thin24.325.2medium bowl4.8
Thompson EditionT32-pieceGiardinelli16.8medium thin24.326.2fairly deep5.2
Tilz - silver plate. Available at Tilz.
Tilz302-21 pieceN/A17.5medium roundmedium deep4
Tilz302-31 pieceN/A17.5defined inner edgedeep4
Tilz302-71 pieceN/A18medium rounddeep4.2
Tilz302-81 pieceN/A17.5medium roundmedium deep4
Tilz302-221 pieceN/A17.5defined inner edgemedium deep4
Tilz302-231 pieceN/A18defined inner edgemedium deep4.2
Tilz302-291 pieceN/A17.5medium roundmedium deep4
Tilz302-301 pieceN/A18medium roundmedium deep4.2
Tilz34-81 pieceN/A17.5medium roundmedium deep3.7
Tilz34-91 pieceN/A17.5medium rounddeep3.7
Tilz34-K1 pieceN/A18medium roundmedium deep3.8
Tilz34-101 pieceN/A18roundshallow4.2
Tilz34-121 pieceN/A18rounddeep4.2
Tilz34-151 pieceN/A17.5medium rounddeep3.7
Tilz34-8 F1 pieceN/A17.5medium roundmedium shallow3.7
Tilz34-9 F1 pieceN/A17.5medium roundmedium deep3.7
TilzMcWilliam 11 pieceN/A17.5medium roundmedium widemedium deep4.4
TilzMcWilliam 1W1 pieceN/A17.7medium roundmedium widemedium deep4.4
TilzMcWilliam 21 pieceN/A17.5medium roundmedium widemedium shallow4.2
TilzMcWilliam 2W1 pieceN/A17.7medium roundmedium widemedium shallow4.2
TilzMcWilliam 31 pieceN/A17.5medium roundmedium wideshallow4
TilzMcWilliam 3W1 pieceN/A17.7medium roundmedium wideshallow4
TilzMcWilliam 41 pieceN/A18medium roundmedium widemedium deep4.4
TilzMcWilliam 4W1 pieceN/A18.2medium roundmedium widemedium shallow4.4
Warburton - silver plate. Available at Warburton.
WarburtonES1 pieceN/A17-17.8semi-roundmediumextra shallowbowl4.2-4.6
WarburtonS1 pieceN/A17-17.8semi-roundmediumshallowbowl4.6-4.8
WarburtonM1 pieceN/A17-17.8semi-roundmediummediumslight S-shape4.6-5
WarburtonMD1 pieceN/A17-17.8semi-roundmediummedium deepbowl/funnel5.3-4.8
WarburtonD1 pieceN/A17-17.8semi-roundmediumdeepbowl/funnel5.8-5.1
WarburtonDV1 pieceN/A17-17.8semi-roundmediumdeepV-shape5.8-5.3
WarburtonCapps2 pieceGiardinellisemi-roundmediumdeepSlight V shape5.3-4.8
Harrison Wedge - silver plate or stainless steel. Available at Wedge.
Harrison Wedge70S1 pieceN/A17asymmetric-oval4shallowdouble-oval4.6
Harrison Wedge70M1 pieceN/A17asymmetric-oval4mediumdouble-oval4.6
Harrison Wedge70D1 pieceN/A17asymmetric-oval4deepdouble-oval4.6
Harrison Wedge725S1 pieceN/A17.25asymmetric-oval4shallowdouble-oval4.6
Harrison Wedge725M1 pieceN/A17.25asymmetric-oval4mediumdouble-oval4.6
Harrison Wedge725D1 pieceN/A17.25asymmetric-oval4deepdouble-oval4.6
Harrison Wedge75S1 pieceN/A17.5asymmetric-oval4shallowdouble-oval4.6
Harrison Wedge75M1 pieceN/A17.5asymmetric-oval4mediumdouble-oval4.6
Harrison Wedge75D1 pieceN/A17.5asymmetric-oval4deepdouble-oval4.6
Harrison Wedge775S1 pieceN/A17.75asymmetric-oval4shallowdouble-oval4.6
Harrison Wedge775M1 pieceN/A17.75asymmetric-oval4mediumdouble-oval4.6
Harrison Wedge775D1 pieceN/A17.75asymmetric-oval4deepdouble-oval4.6
Harrison Wedge80S1 pieceN/A18asymmetric-oval4shallowdouble-oval4.6
Harrison Wedge80M1 pieceN/A18asymmetric-oval4mediumdouble-oval4.6
Harrison Wedge80D1 pieceN/A18asymmetric-oval4deepdouble-oval4.6
Harrison Wedge825S1 pieceN/A18.25asymmetric-oval4shallowdouble-oval4.6
Harrison Wedge825M1 pieceN/A18.25asymmetric-oval4mediumdouble-oval4.6
Harrison Wedge825D1 pieceN/A18.25asymmetric-oval4deepdouble-oval4.6
Harrison WedgeC7BW1 pieceN/Aasymmetric
Harrison WedgeMWA-M31 pieceN/A17.25asymmetric-round4.5medium deepdouble oval4.85
Harrison WedgeMWB-M31 pieceN/A17.25asymmetric-round4.5medium deepdouble-oval4.5
Harrison WedgeB101 pieceN/A17asymmetric4.5deepdouble oval4.5
Harrison WedgeGC101 pieceN/A17.2asymmetric-reverse peak3.85deepdouble oval4.9
Harrison WedgeGC81 pieceN/A17.2asymmetric-reverse peak3.85deepdouble oval5.1
Harrison WedgeGC121 pieceN/A17.2asymmetric-reverse peak3.85deepdouble oval4.8
Harrison WedgeEric Reed1 pieceN/A17.27asymmetric4.2medium shallowdouble oval
Harrison WedgeJohn Putnam1 or 2 piecePHC18.3asymmetric5deep double cupU on V4.7
Harrison Wedge17XXNrim onlyPHC/Giardinelli17asymmetric/oval3.5N/AN/AN/A
Harrison Wedge17XNrim onlyPHC/Giardinelli17asymmetric/oval3.75N/AN/AN/A
Harrison Wedge17Nrim onlyPHC/Giardinelli17asymmetric/oval4N/AN/AN/A
Harrison Wedge17Mrim onlyPHC/Giardinelli17asymmetric/oval4.5N/AN/AN/A
Harrison Wedge17Wrim onlyPHC/Giardinelli17asymmetric/oval4.75N/AN/AN/A
Harrison Wedge17.25XXNrim onlyPHC/Giardinelli17.25asymmetric/oval3.5N/AN/AN/A
Harrison Wedge17.25XNrim onlyPHC/Giardinelli17.25asymmetric/oval3.75N/AN/AN/A
Harrison Wedge17.25Nrim onlyPHC/Giardinelli17.25asymmetric/oval4N/AN/AN/A
Harrison Wedge17.25Mrim onlyPHC/Giardinelli17.25asymmetric/oval4.5N/AN/AN/A
Harrison Wedge17.25Wrim onlyPHC/Giardinelli17.25asymmetric/oval4.75N/AN/AN/A
Harrison Wedge17.5XXNrim onlyPHC/Giardinelli17.5asymmetric/oval3.5N/AN/AN/A
Harrison Wedge17.5XNrim onlyPHC/Giardinelli17.5asymmetric/oval3.75N/AN/AN/A
Harrison Wedge17.5Nrim onlyPHC/Giardinelli17.5asymmetric/oval4N/AN/AN/A
Harrison Wedge17.5Mrim onlyPHC/Giardinelli17.5asymmetric/oval4.5N/AN/AN/A
Harrison Wedge17.5Wrim onlyPHC/Giardinelli17.5asymmetric/oval4.75N/AN/AN/A
Harrison Wedge17.75XXNrim onlyPHC/Giardinelli17.75asymmetric/oval3.5N/AN/AN/A
Harrison Wedge17.75XNrim onlyPHC/Giardinelli17.75asymmetric/oval3.75N/AN/AN/A
Harrison Wedge17.75Nrim onlyPHC/Giardinelli17.75asymmetric/oval4N/AN/AN/A
Harrison Wedge17.75Mrim onlyPHC/Giardinelli17.75asymmetric/oval4.5N/AN/AN/A
Harrison Wedge17.75Wrim onlyPHC/Giardinelli17.75asymmetric/oval4.75N/AN/AN/A
Harrison Wedge18XXNrim onlyPHC/Giardinelli18asymmetric/oval3.5N/AN/AN/A
Harrison Wedge18XNrim onlyPHC/Giardinelli18asymmetric/oval3.75N/AN/AN/A
Harrison Wedge18Nrim onlyPHC/Giardinelli18asymmetric/oval4N/AN/AN/A
Harrison Wedge18Mrim onlyPHC/Giardinelli18asymmetric/oval4.5N/AN/AN/A
Harrison Wedge18Wrim onlyPHC/Giardinelli18asymmetric/oval4.75N/AN/AN/A
WHF - silver plate. Available at WHF.
WHFJrim onlyWHF16.6 - 18.2rather sharp3.78N/AN/AN/A
WHFUrim onlyWHF16.6 - 18.2rather sharp3.78N/AN/AN/A
WHFTJrim onlyWHF16.6 - 18.2rounded3.8N/AN/AN/A
WHFErim onlyWHF16.6 - 18.2sharp3.82N/AN/AN/A
WHFYrim onlyWHF16.6 - 18.2rounded3.88N/AN/AN/A
WHFHrim onlyWHF16.6 - 18.2sharp3.96N/AN/AN/A
WHFZrim onlyWHF16.6 - 18.2somewhat rounded3.96N/AN/AN/A
WHFBrim onlyWHF16.6 - 18.2rather sharp4.04N/AN/AN/A
WHFKrim onlyWHF16.6 - 18.2rounded4.05N/AN/AN/A
WHFMrim onlyWHF16.6 - 18.2soft4.15N/AN/AN/A
WHFTrim onlyWHF16.6 - 18.2sharp4.16N/AN/AN/A
WHFSrim onlyWHF16.6 - 18.2somewhat rounded4.21N/AN/AN/A
WHFCrim onlyWHF16.6 - 18.2rather sharp4.25N/AN/AN/A
WHF29rim onlyWHF16.6 - 18.2soft4.27N/AN/AN/A
WHFFrim onlyWHF16.6 - 18.2rather sharp4.3N/AN/AN/A
WHFMLrim onlyWHF16.6 - 18.2soft4.47N/AN/AN/A
WHFCLrim onlyWHF16.6 - 18.2rather sharp4.6N/AN/AN/A
H prefix: Descant hornWHFH/Acup onlyWHFN/AN/AN/A18extreme U4
H prefix: Descant hornWHFH/Bcup onlyWHFN/AN/AN/A20.94.1
H prefix: Descant hornWHFH/Ccup onlyWHFN/AN/AN/A20.9slight bowl4.2
H prefix: Descant hornWHFH/MDcup onlyWHFN/AN/AN/A22.7rather V-shaped3.8
D prefix: Double hornWHFD/Ncup onlyWHFN/AN/AN/A21.2shallow U4.2
D prefix: Double hornWHFD/NAcup onlyWHFN/AN/AN/A23.44.2
D prefix: Double hornWHFD/NBcup onlyWHFN/AN/AN/A23.84.3
D prefix: Double hornWHFD/Hcup onlyWHFN/AN/AN/A24.7slight U, straighter sides4.4
D prefix: Double hornWHFD/Acup onlyWHFN/AN/AN/A254.4
D prefix: Double hornWHFD/Kcup onlyWHFN/AN/AN/A26.34.4
D prefix: Double hornWHFD/Bcup onlyWHFN/AN/AN/A27slightly concave4.3
D prefix: Double hornWHFD/Fcup onlyWHFN/AN/AN/A27more bowl shaped4.5
D prefix: Double hornWHFD/BAcup onlyWHFN/AN/AN/A27.44.5
D prefix: Double hornWHFD/Gcup onlyWHFN/AN/AN/A29quite concave4.3
D prefix: Double hornWHFD/Ecup onlyWHFN/AN/AN/A29.5slight S shape4.5
D prefix: Double hornWHFD/EGcup onlyWHFN/AN/AN/A29.54.5
D prefix: Double hornWHFD/EWcup onlyWHFN/AN/AN/A29.54.7
D prefix: Double hornWHFD/JZcup onlyWHFN/AN/AN/A30fairly straight sides4.5
D prefix: Double hornWHFD/Jcup onlyWHFN/AN/AN/A324.8
D prefix: Double hornWHFD/ETcup onlyWHFN/AN/AN/A33.94.8
W prefix: Vienna hornWHFW/Hcup onlyWHFN/AN/AN/A24very shallow V4.3
W prefix: Vienna hornWHFW/JHcup onlyWHFN/AN/AN/A27.5shallow V4.5
W prefix: Vienna hornWHFW/TJcup onlyWHFN/AN/AN/A29.54.5
W prefix: Vienna hornWHFW/Dcup onlyWHFN/AN/AN/A30very slightly concave4.7
W prefix: Vienna hornWHFW/EHcup onlyWHFN/AN/AN/A30.5straight, medium funnel4.5
W prefix: Vienna hornWHFW/Ecup onlyWHFN/AN/AN/A32slightly deeper4.7
W prefix: Vienna hornWHFW/ANcup onlyWHFN/AN/AN/A32.6more V-shaped4.6
W prefix: Vienna hornWHFW/Gcup onlyWHFN/AN/AN/A35slightly concave4.7
W prefix: Vienna hornWHFW/Fcup onlyWHFN/AN/AN/A35.9more concave4.8
W prefix: Vienna hornWHFW/Lcup onlyWHFN/AN/AN/A364.9
W prefix: Vienna hornWHFW/Vcup onlyWHFN/AN/AN/A335
W prefix: Vienna hornWHFW/SLcup onlyWHFN/AN/AN/A36straight to concave5.1
B prefix: Baroque hornWHFB/Acup onlyWHFN/AN/AN/A21shallow U4
B prefix: Baroque hornWHFB/Bcup onlyWHFN/AN/AN/A234
B prefix: Baroque hornWHFB/Ccup onlyWHFN/AN/AN/A24.5slight U4
B prefix: Baroque hornWHFB/Dcup onlyWHFN/AN/AN/A24.74.4
N prefix: Natural hornWHFN/Hcup onlyWHFN/AN/AN/A27.54.6
N prefix: Natural hornWHFN/Acup onlyWHFN/AN/AN/A29shallow V4.6
N prefix: Natural hornWHFN/Bcup onlyWHFN/AN/AN/A32.5slightly concave4.6
N prefix: Natural hornWHFN/Ccup onlyWHFN/AN/AN/A32.5straighter sides4.6
N prefix: Natural hornWHF
Yamaha - silver or gold plate. Available at WWBW(silver), WWBW(gold rim).
Yamaha28B1-pieceN/A16.87standardmedium widesemi-shallowV-shaped3.9
Yamaha29B1-pieceN/A17.07standardmedium widesemi-shallowV-shaped3.9
Yamaha29D41-pieceN/A16.88semi-flatmediummedium-deepdouble cup4.5
Yamaha30B1-pieceN/A17.27standardmedium widesemi-shallowV-shaped3.9
Yamaha30D41-pieceN/A17.08semi-flatmediummedium deepdouble cup4.5
Yamaha31D41-pieceN/A17.28semi-flatmediummedium deepdouble cup4.5
Yamaha32D41-pieceN/A17.48semi-flatmediummedium deepdouble cup4.5
GP= gold plateYamaha30-GP/30-ST1-pieceN/A17.08standardmediummediumdouble cup4.4
ST= sterling silverYamaha31-GP/31-ST1-pieceN/A17.28standardmediummediumdouble cup4.4
Yamaha32-GP/32-ST1-pieceN/A17.48standardmediummediumdouble cup4.4
WWBW BaconYamahaBACON1-pieceN/A17.99standardmediummedium-deepV-shaped4.5
WWBW SommervilleYamahaSOMMERVILLE1-pieceN/A16.93semi-flatmediummediumV-shaped4.3

Or download the French horn mouthpiece comparison chart as a PDF file.

Everything on this page is provided for free. However, running this site costs both money and time. If you’ve found these things useful, please consider a small donation via my Paypal page

If you need help deciding on a mouthpiece, I have some advice from many years of experience or feel free to drop me a line if you have a specific question.

French Horn Mouthpiece Characteristics:

Maker and ModelThis should be pretty obvious. The links in this column will take you to a site where you can purchase or to the maker’s website.

1- or 2-piece and Thread TypeIs this model a complete mouthpiece, or does it have a screw rim/cup. There are various types of threads – in general they are all compatible with others of the same name (ie: PHC work with other PHC but not with any Giardinelli), although sometimes Giardinelli cups and rims will have a “step” where the rim and cup join, some people find this distracting, some don’t even notice.

Rim ID (Inner Diameter): Probably the most important measurement for how you interact with the mouthpiece, and one of the hardest to accurately compare between manufacturers. This measurement is the inner diameter of the rim taken around where the face of the rim curves in to make the cup. Different makers can measure this point at slightly different places along that curve, so although it can’t be used as an exact comparison, it’s a good place to start.

Rim Shape: Almost as important as the inner diameter is the shape of the rim. Some of the more common shapes include slightly vague descriptions like round, flat, semi-round, and semi-flat. Since these are often given by the manufacturer, the actual radius and feel can vary and is very much a personal preference. A defined high point means that the mouthpiece will often feel a little thinner (since the lips will come in contact with the highest point first) than a round or flat contour, even if the rim thickness is the same or greater. A reverse-peak will put the highest point toward the outside of the rim, which helps to “bunch” the lips in toward the center and can help a smaller ID feel a little bigger. A defined inner edge or bite means that the transition from the rim face to the inner cup is sharper (rather than rounded), and many feel that this gives better articulation (at the expense of slurs). It, like almost everything rim-related, is very much a personal preference.

Rim Width/Rim OD (Outer Diameter): Either a measure of the rim thickness itself (this will usually be around 4-6mm) or a measure of the outside diameter of the rim (which is going to be around 24mm). Similar to Inner Diameter, this measurement is not always taken at the same place from one manufacturer to another, and so it’s not always a 1-to-1 comparison. As discussed in the Rim Shape section, the contour can also have an impact on how thick a rim feels.

Cup DepthA measure of the inside of the mouthpiece to (generally) where the bore begins. It usually starts wherever the rim ID measurement was taken (which can vary) and the ending point depends on both manufacturer and the precise cup shape, but this is still a useful place to start comparing. Whenever measurements were given by the manufacturer I used those, but many still use ambiguous terms like “medium” and “deep”.

Cup Shape: This, plus the cup depth and bore, have a great impact on the sound produced by the mouthpiece. There are a wide variety of cup shapes out there, and makers often use slightly confusing language to describe the differences. A V-shaped cup is fairly self-explanatory, as is a U-shape (also described as a cup-shaped), while a bowl shape is a U-shape with a more gradual curve. Concave, convex,  and straight usually refer to the sides of the mouthpiece, as the cup transitions into the bore. While rims are important to match to your own face, a cup should be matched more to a specific horn – this is the reason many people use two-piece mouthpieces! As a very rough rule, Kruspe/8D style horns like deeper, more V-shaped cup shapes, while Geyer style horns respond better to more cup or bowl-shaped cups. More info on matching cups to horns here!

BoreThis number refers to the size of the hole at the bottom of the cup at its smallest. Bore is often expressed in drill numbers (1 (5.79mm) being the biggest, and around 20 (4.1mm) being quite small), but I’ve converted them into millimeters for consistency. A larger bore (all other things being equal) provides less resistance to air, but in return requires much more air support and more efficient breathing. Although it used to be popular to use very large bores (5.8 – 5.2mm) many horns (and players) respond better to more moderate sizes (5 – 4.6mm)The flare and length of the backbore (although not on this chart) is equally important to the blowing and intonation characteristics of a mouthpiece.

Other Things to Consider

Mouthpiece fit is incredibly important. Mouthpieces made in America are designed to fit a horn leadpipe with a Morse-0 taper (all American horns), but European horns (and mouthpieces) are built with a slightly different taper. If you are mixing European and American horns and mouthpieces, it’s worth talking to the mouthpiece maker to make sure it’s got the right taper for your horn’s leadpipe.

Heavyweight mouthpieces (or stem weights for normal-weight mouthpieces) can have a dramatic impact on the way a mouthpiece responds. They are not universally good or bad, and indeed depend on the combination of the player, horn, and mouthpiece. If you’re interested in trying one, it’s worth either getting two copies of the mouthpiece (one heavy and one normal weight) or get a stem weight that can be removed to see which actually works better.

The plating or material of the mouthpiece is another thing to consider. Make sure to read Bob Osmun’s excellent remarks about mouthpiece plating below. Silver-plated brass is the most common metal for instrument mouthpieces, and is always a good place to start for younger players.

Other options include gold plating, stainless steel, and titanium:

  • Gold sounds exactly the same as silver, but since gold is both less likely to cause irritation for some players and feels more “slippery”, it is preferred by some. In my experience, the gold plating can wear off after a few years (as can silver plating) so replating may be needed every few years, but this depends largely on the quality and thickness of the silver plate!
  • Stainless steel mouthpieces are made out of solid stainless steel (not plated), and the rims have a slipperiness somewhere between silver- and gold-plated brass. The sound of a stainless steel cup supposed to be a little different, as well, with a slightly faster attack and a slightly brighter sound. Some feel stainless projects better, and some think it doesn’t it – similar to heavy weight mouthpieces, for some people and instruments it works well, for others it doesn’t.
  • Titanium is sometimes applied as a coating to stainless steel mouthpiece rims, to give them a feel slipperier than gold. Because of the plating process it is supposed to last an incredibly long time and shouldn’t need replating. Solid titanium mouthpieces are, to my knowledge, only made by one company, Giddings and Webster, and I haven’t heard much about them either good or bad – but they are costly!

This page is constantly updated as I discover new mouthpiece models and makers. If there’s something I’ve missed, or if you have questions, please contact me via email or social media!

If you’re looking for French horn lessons, I offer lessons online and in-person. You can find more information on studying with me here.

  • Hi Colin!

    This is a great resource – thank you for compiling it! I had the thought a while back to make something like this into a mobile app. Pickett Brass has an app called “Brass Mouthpiece Comparator.” If you have any programming skills–or know anybody who does–this would be a really useful tool.

    Best wishes,

    • Colin

      Thanks Travis – hope you’re doing well. I have thought about making this information into an app (or at least easily viewable on a mobile device), but figured this would be a little easier to start!

  • I really enjoyed your Mouthpiece comparison Chart (I can’t imagine the time you must have put into it). I think it will be a really useful resource. I know I’ll be consulting it.

    I did notice that you seem to have a good deal of confusion about materials and plating. You use terms like “nickel”, “nickel-silver”, and “silver” more or less interchangeably. Let me, if a might, make a couple of clarifications.

    All mouthpieces, to my knowledge, are made of brass, stainless steel, or titanium. Paxman Halstead-Chidell did make nickel silver mouthpieces but changed to brass years ago.

    Nickel is never used as a mouthpiece plating, except for a few very cheap imported mouthpieces. The reason for this is that since nickel is so much harder than brass, when it wears or is damaged it exposes sharp edges rather than wearing down smoothly, as softer metals do. In the jewelry business nickel is often used as a base coat under gold to bring out the color and to prevent the very thin gold plating used from sinking into the base metal. Older Holton mouthpieces used a heavy nickel plate under the silver to take advantage of the “self-leveling” properties of nickel. As the coating become thicker the contours of the base metal are softened. This was done to avoid having to polish the mouthpiece. Thick coatings of nickel also tend to build up more heavily around sharp corners: the “edge effect”. Older Holton mouthpieces often have a very pronounced bulge of excess plating around the end of the shank.

    Almost all mouthpieces are silver plated. Silver retains its polish better than brass, tastes better, and protects the player from exposure to the lead in the brass. Gold can be plated directly on the brass or over a silver base coat (as we do). Gold is no less durable than brass. How long it wears is purely a function of how heavy a coat was initially applied. When I was a kid we bought Giardinelli mouthpieces that had plating that lasted for about two weeks. We guarantee the plating on our mouthpieces for two years and haven’t had to replate any yet.

    For the record, Osmun rims are available in silver plate or gold over silver, both on brass. We also make rims in delrin.

    As far a steel or titanium mouthpieces are concerned, I haven’t seen any convincing musical or practical arguments for them. I think their existence has more to do with some less-than-completely-busy machine shops looking for some new business working with materials they’re already familiar with.

    Please accept this information as a contribution, not a criticism. I think your chart is a wonderfully useful addition to our knowledge base.


    Bob Osmun

    • Colin

      Bob, thanks for all your great information! I agree that the ´materials´ section is a bit of a mess. I think I generally just copied and pasted whatever the website that I was using had, and those terms were not consistent. It shouldn’t take very long to go over and make that information clearer.

      Thanks again for your input – please feel free to share the link however you see fit – your website is a great resource (and I’m a big fan of your mouthpiece line)!

  • William Klingelhoffer

    Well done!! Very comprehensive. I have a couple of comments The Schilke 31B was a copy of Frank Brouk’s mouthpiece and it is supposed to be 18 mm ID. Also there is an additional measurement that ought to be considered. Stork blanks (my Stork Orval 51/4 is
    2 5/8 in. long) are longer than Laskey or Schilke or Houser blanks–which are 2 1/2 in.
    Best Wishes,

    • Colin

      Bill, thanks for your information. While I’ve heard the same thing about the 31B, the Schilke website gives the internal diameter as 17.4mm. I wonder if it has changed over the years, but I wanted to use the most accurate and current measurements – considering that many people that may need a resource such as this would likely be buying new mouthpieces!

      As far as the blank length, while I think that’s an excellent idea, that kind of information isn’t usually easily available (at least not online). Once I get a greater percentage of the available mouthpieces up on the site, I’ll likely try to add that – thanks for the feedback!

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