Horn Studio Policies

Student Responsibilities

Students are expected to have an instrument in good working order at each lesson. Students are also expected to have all their required music, exercises, etudes, music books, etc. as well as any required equipment (mouthpiece, valve oil, slide grease, etc.) at each lesson.

Sometimes I will email music or exercises to students. It is expected that students will have a printed-out copy of that music by their next lesson, or they may use a digital music tablet. Viewing music on a small phone screen is not acceptable, and playing off of a computer screen, without the capability to write on the music, is also not an acceptable substitute.

Practice Thoughts

A consistent practice schedule is expected. For younger students, that may mean as little as 5 minutes a day, but for high school students, more time (20-30 minutes) is generally required. I don’t care about practice time as much as I care about practice efficacy. If a student can get their work done in 10 minutes, that’s okay (I’ll assign more challenging pieces).

I write quite a bit about practicing on my music blog. I recommend serious students check out some of my articles related to practicing, to learn how to practice.

You can see the most recent collection of music-related posts right here:

Student Music/Resources

I provide many warmups and technique exercises to students at no extra cost.

However, when students lose these handouts, it is their responsibility to replace them. All my exercises and handouts can be found on my French Horn Exercises page. If you lose anything, please make sure and print out a replacement copy promptly.

Parent Responsibilities

Please have students at their lesson on time (or even a couple of minutes early). Lessons that start late will not necessarily be extended since that can inconvenience later students.

Please also help younger students with obtaining the necessary supplies in a reasonably quick manner (ordering cleaning/maintance supplies online, keeping ink and paper available for a printer, etc.).


Lesson costs are $30/30 minutes, $40/45 minutes, and $55/hour. I invoice during the last week of the month and prefer to be paid once a month instead of every week.

Check, cash, and credit cards are all accepted.

Lesson Cancellations

Once scheduled, lessons are expected to continue every week of the school year, unless other arrangements are explicitly made.

Since I teach in at least 3 different school districts (not counting colleges) I do not follow a specific district’s schedule with regard to teacher workdays or other district-specific holidays. If you are canceling lessons for Fall Break, Spring Break, or a long weekend caused by a teacher workday, please make sure to contact me directly. Otherwise, I will assume you are still having a lesson!

In order to not be charged for a missed lesson, cancellation is required at least 24 hours before the scheduled lesson start time. Make-ups for lessons canceled with more than 24 hours’ notice are not guaranteed, but every attempt will be made.

There are no make-ups for lessons canceled with less than 24 hours’ notice. If I have to cancel a lesson, you will not be charged, and I will offer alternate times if I am able.

In the case of inclement weather, please get in touch with me. Usually, lessons in the afternoon are possible on snow days, since the roads are much more passable in the PM hours.

Lesson Termination

If you wish to discontinue lessons, please provide at least 7 days written notice.

Payment for any unpaid lessons is expected at the final lesson. If the student is not attending the final lesson, other arrangements should be made for payment to be received by the final lesson date.

As always, if you have any questions please feel free to get in touch with me.