My Top Podcasts for 2016
I am a podcast addict. There I said it. To some people (mainly, my wife) that comes as no surprise. Whether it’s writing, working out, washing the dishes, or driving, I almost always have a podcast going. Sometimes, I confess, I listen at 1.5x speed so that I can fit […]

My Top Podcasts of 2016

I’m a big fan of the British sort-of-motoring-show Top Gear. It has to be, far and away, the most entertaining car show both for people that love cars and people that are indifferent to them. The show is also quite well known for causing controversy – just take a brief look at […]

Top Gear Host Releases Final Bombshell

Saw this on the way to teaching, and couldn’t resist taking a picture. He was on a fairly large four Lane highway, but I first saw him on an interstate off ramp. I wonder of that door will stay open while he’s doing 65. Guys, friends don’t let friends install […]

Indiana Groans