French Horn Music and Books

This page is a partial (but regularly updated) list of some of the most valuable music and book resources for French horn players, brass players, and musicians in general. The links in each table take you to SheetMusicPlus, Amazon, or to Woodwind & to purchase.

If you’re looking for basic exercises to improve tone, lips slurs, scales, or any other technique, head over to my own collection of horn exercises: scales, slurs, long tones, and more – all for free!

If you have any suggestions or thoughts, let me know either in the comments below or use my contact form.

Books (Music, Peak Performance, Productivity, etc.)

Here you can find all sorts of music and horn-related books! Try searching for the following topics:

  • Performance
  • Horn Info
  • Musicality
  • Studies
  • Productivity
  • Health
  • Entertainment

Selections with an asterisk (*) are highly recommended.
Put an asterisk in the search bar plus a topic to further refine your search!

*Peak: Secrets From The New Science of ExpertiseAnders Ericsson and Robert PoolPerformanceA book that offers practical ways to get better at any sort of skill - including making music. This book dispels the notion of prodigy or talent, and focuses on ways that anyone can get better at anything.Amazon
Grit: The Power of Passion and PerseveranceAngela DuckworthPerformanceSimilar to "Peak", this book contains more stories of grit and perserverance rising above innate talent.Amazon
*Lip Flexibilities for All InstrumentsBai LinStudiesThese run the gamut from useful to crazy, and many can be modified and extended for horn to challenge your flexibility in different ways.Amazon
*How to Learn the Alexander TechniqueBarbara ConableHealthJust like "Relaxercise", this book is an introduction to the famous Alexander Technique. Amazon
Tiny Habits: The Small Changes That Change EverythingB.J. FoggProductivityIf you’re having trouble getting new habits to “stick”, or getting rid of unproductive habits, B.J. Fogg takes a practical look at avoiding the trap of “willpower” and instead focusing on Behavior Design”Amazon
Song and WindBrian FrederiksenEntertainmentA biography of maybe the most famous brass musician of all time - Arnold Jacob. A fascinating look into his life, career, and pedagogy.Amazon
*Deep WorkCal NewportProductivityLook for a way to get hard work done? You need to embrace the idea of Deep Work.
Digital MinimalismCal NewportProductivityKind of a "part 2" to Deep Work, Cal looks at how to reduce digital "clutter" to spend your valuable time doing things that matter.Amazon
A World Without EmailCal NewportProductivityAn interesting look at ways to improve efficiency of communication by removing email/messaging apps and replacing them with systems.Amazon
So Good They Can’t Ignore YouCal NewportProductivityA pushback against the advice to “follow your passion”. Makes a convincing case for being more pragmatic about how you should (and should not) choose a career.Amazon
*Musical Calesthenics for BrassCarmine CarusoStudiesCaruso was one of the premier pedagogues relating to the physicality of playing a brass instrument. His "method" is great for learning the full-body coordination that playing a brass instrument involves. Use ONLY with a good teacher!Amazon
The Power of HabitCharles DuhiggProductivityAnother wonderful book on the power of developing small habits, and ways to incorporate them into your regular, daily routine. Amazon
Productivity ProjectChris BaileyProductivityKind of a "greatest hits" of various popular productivity methods. Amazon
*Brass Playing is No Harder Than Deep BreathingClaude GordonHorn InfoCovering some of the most important topics and concepts of brass playing in a fairly quick-reading 35 pages. Written by a trumpet player, this book is extremely useful in developing and refining technique.Amazon
*10% HappierDan HarrisPerformanceWhile rolled my eyes at "mindfulness" for a long time, this book really opened my eyes to a much better way to be and live in the world.Amazon
*The Talent CodeDaniel CoylePerformanceA systematic look at how "talent" is really just the result of consistent and structured practice, and not genetics or luck.
Getting Things DoneDavid AllenProductivityThe book that started a lot of the "productivity pr0n" in the late 90's and early 2000's. While it is a bit outdated in a few ways, the overall concepts here are great if you're looking for a way to stay more organized and effective.
*Sound in MotionDavid McGillMusicalityTaking the teachings of Marcel Tabuteau one step farther to help anyone develop an intelligent vocabulary of musical thought.Amazon
RelaxerciseDavid Zemach-BersinHealthImprove your posture and your playing. Based on the Feldenkrais Method.Amazon
*Fight Your Fear and Win: Seven Skills for Performing Your Best Under PressureDon GreenePerformanceDon Greene, a sports psychiatrist gives anyone in a performance-related field actionable strategies to manage axiety and improve performance under pressureAmazon
Performance Success: Performing Your Best Under PressureDon GreenePerformanceAnother book by Don Greene, this time focused on professional musicians in performance situations.Amazon
Audition SuccessDon GreenePerformanceAnother Don Greene book, this time focusing on his work with two professional musicians taking professional audtions.Amazon
Collected Thoughts on Teaching and Learning, Creativity and Horn PerformanceDouglass HillHorn InfoA collection of thoughts on a wide range of topics – beginning horn players, audition preparation, improvisation, composing, and more.Amazon
Repetitive Strain InjuryDr. Emil PascarelliHealthAbsolutely ESSENTIAL if you do repetitive work with your hands (typing, piano, guitar, etc.)Amazon
*Blow Your OWN Horn!Fergus McWilliamHorn InfoFergus McWilliam has been a member of the Berlin Philharmonic since 1985, and in this book he presents some of his most profound teachings, in his "Anti-method method".Amazon
*Standley RoutineForrest StandleyStudiesForrest Standley's (in)famous warmup, with scales, arpeggios, harmonic series studies, and more. Great for improving knowledge of keys, finger dexterity, and endurance!SheetMusicPlus
Pares Scales for French HornGabriel ParesStudiesA great resource for learning and reviewing scales in all sorts of different rhythms and patterns. A great resource to use as a part of your warm-up!Amazon
Talent is OverratedGeoff ColvinPerformanceAnother book similar to "Peak", this book dispels both the "innate genious" and the "hard work" notion of top performers with a less-discussed third option.Amazon
The Musician's Way: A Guide To Practice, Performance, and WellnessGerald KlicksteinPerformanceThis book covers a lot of material intrensic to being a musician - from perforance anxiety to practice strategies and ways to avoid burnout and injury.Amazon
Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of LessGreg MckeownProductivityFiguring out what *not* to do is often just as important as figuring out what you should be doing.Amazon
Performing Under Pressure: The Science of Doing Your Best When It MattersHendrie WeisingerPerformanceThis book covers the different aspects of pressure and anxiety, how it can affect performance, and offers many strategies to deal with pressure - both short and long term.Amazon
Atomic HabitsJames ClearProductivityThe mind is smart, but the brain is dumb. Training good habits is easy if you know how to "hack" your brain - this book tells you how.Amazon
A Devil to PlayJasper ReesEntertainmentNot a horn method book, per se, but an amusing read about one man's quest to master the horn in a year!Amazon
Horn Technique: A New Approach To An Old InstrumentJeffery AgrellHorn InfoA new take on horn playing and pedagogy, from natural horn to the modern-day instrument.Amazon
Embouchure Builder for French HornJoesph SingerStudiesA great book with exercises to systemattically improve embouchure strength and control. Only recommended for intermediate to advanced players, and under the guidance of a good teacher!Amazon
Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the BrainJohn RateyHealthNot only is exercise good for your body (obviously), there’s also a lot of science that shows that it is also good for your brain. Not only improving your mood, but also increasing your capacity to learn.Amazon
*The Practice of Practice: How To Boost Your Musical SkillsJonathan HarnumPerformanceOne of the most commonly lacking skills in musicians of all levels is knowning how to practice efficiently and effectivelyAmazon
Marcel Tabuteau: How Do You Expect to Play the Oboe If You Can't Peel A Mushroom?Laila StorchEntertainmentA look at the life and career of oboist Tabuteau. One of the most musical players of any instrument, and an influential figure in 20th century musical pedagogy.Amazon
Why We SleepMatthew WalkerHealthSleep is important, but you may not realize just *how* important it is. Not only for your day-to-day function, but also long term health and mental/physical performance.Amazon
*Daily Drills and Technical Studies for TromboneMax SchlossbergStudiesWhile written for trombone, this book has some excellent flexibility, harmonic, and scale exercises. Plus, it’s great for keeping your bass clef reading in shape!Amazon
Mastery of the French HornMichael HoeltzelHorn InfoAnother great resource for any horn player. Lots of (unique) warm-ups, thoughts on expression and technique, and a nice resource of French horn cadenzas to boot!Amazon
*Flow: The Psychology of Optimal ExperienceMihaly CsikszentmihalyiPerformanceMaybe one of the most influential books in the realm of peak performance. This book introduced the idea of a “flow state”, how to get into one, and why they are so fulfilling.Amazon
Four Thousand Weeks: Time Management for MortalsOliver BurkemanProductivityAn interesting look at time management, not by trying to “get everything done”, but by embracing the limited time we all have and how to make the best, most meaningful use of it.Amazon
OutlivePeter AttiaHealthA look at some of the latest science and research on how to extend your lifespan *and* your healthspan. Includes both actionable advice as well as the science behind why it works (or why it might not).Amazon
*The Art of French Horn PlayingPhillip FarkasHorn InfoThe original "Bible" for French horn players. Full of useful advice about playing, equipment, and musicality. Amazon
The Art of MusicianshipPhillip FarkasMusicalityA treatise on the skill, knowledge, and sensitivity to perform music of all genres in an artistic and professional manner.Amazon
The Art of Brass PlayingPhillip FarkasHorn InfoAn in-depth look at the function and purpose of the brass player's embouchure.Amazon
Good Vibrations: Masterclasses for Brass PlayersRandy GardnerHorn InfoA look into the fundamentals of good brass playing, from tone, articulation, air, and embouchure. Great for all levels - beginner to professional!Amazon
Bullet Journal MethodRyder CarrollProductivityThe Bullet Journal is an interesting, analog way to combine a journal with all sorts of other productivity tools.Amazon
Ultralearning: Master Hard Skills, Outsmart the Competition, and Accelerate Your CareerScott YoungProductivityScott famously went through the entire 4-year MIT computer science curriculum in one year - teaching himself. This book covers many different learning strategies - many of which are applicable to musicians.Amazon
*The Dip: A Little Book That Teachers You When To Quit (and When to Stick)Seth GodinPerformanceQuitting is often looked down upon, but sometimes quitting is the right thing to do. Conversely, even people with high-level skills encounter moments of doubt (the "dip"). Know when to quit and when to push through is maybe the most important skill of all.Amazon
*The Practice: Shipping Creative WorkSeth GodinPerformanceWhile it’s tempting to wait for perfection before presenting anything for public consumption, that is no way to move forward.Amazon
The Hungry BrainStephan J. GuyenetHealthA scientific look at why eating well is hard.Amazon
Do Hard ThingsSteve MagnessPerformanceWhy toughness is not the same as resilience, and how to learn to embrace being uncomfortable to improve.Amazon
The Inner Game of MusicTimothy GallweyPerformanceBased on the Inner Game of Tennis by Timothy Gallwey, this applies many of the same concepts to music. A great introduction to self-analysis for performers.Amazon
The Horn HandbookVerne ReynoldsHorn InfoLots of information from Verne Reynolds, a long-time horn professor at Eastman, as well as Cinncinnati and Indiana UniversityAmazon
Technical Studies for Solving Special Problems on the HornWilliam BrophyStudiesSome nice exercises and explanations for fixing common problem areas among all levels of horn player. Things like low and high register, stopped horn, multiple tonguing, and more!Amazon

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French Horn Music

If you’re looking for French horn music, you’ll find it here! This music chart is sorted by type. It’s got:

  • Etude
  • Study
  • Excerpts
  • Solo
  • Duet
  • Trio
  • Quartet

It’s also sorted by approximate difficulty level:

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Adv Intermediate
  • Advanced

You can also search for recommended items for my own personal students, marked with an asterisk (*), search for composers or specific pieces, and combine search parameters.

Selections with an asterisk (*) are highly recommended.
Put an asterisk in the search bar plus a topic to further refine your search!

*A First Book of Etudes for French HornArthur GoldsteinEtudeBeginnerSimple etudes and tunes in a great range for any beginning horn playerAmazon
*A Second Book of Etudes for French HornArthur GoldsteinEtudeBeginnerMore complicated rhythms and an expanded range make this book great for a bit more challenge.Amazon
*A First Book of Exercises for French HornArthur GoldsteinEtudeBeginnerA great companion to the First Etude books by Goldstein. These focus on establishing good basic playing techniques.Amazon
First Book of Practical Studies for French HornRobert GetchellEtudeBeginnerA great companion to any beginning band book. In a much better range for a beginning horn playerAmazon
Rubank Elementary MethodRubankEtudeBeginnerBasically a beginning band method book. If you have a different one from your band program, don't worry about this bookSheetMusicPlus
Pottag-Hovey Method for French Horn, Book 1Pottag/HoveyEtudeBeginnerA classic, and still a nice option for young players. Covers lots of fundamentals of playing and music.SheetMusicPlus
Canadian Brass: Easy Horn SolosCanadian BrassSoloBeginnerA collection of folk and classical tunes arranged for horn and piano. Also includes companion audio with accompaniments to practice (or perform) with.SheetMusicPlus
*The Horn Collection - Easy to Intermediate LevelSchirmerSoloBeginnerA collection of several classical tunes arranged for horn and piano. These are easy to intermediate level.Amazon
*A First Book of Solos for French HornArthur GoldsteinSoloBeginnerGreat for young students. Starts VERY easy, and moves logically to more difficult music.SheetMusicPlus
Going Solo: HornRichard Bissel and Arthur CampbellSoloBeginnerOriginal pieces and arrangements. Good for 2nd year players.SheetMusicPlus
*First Solos for the Horn PlayerMason JonesSoloBeginnerA great collection of first solos for younger players. A wonderful (easier) companion to the Solos for the Horn Player book. SheetMusicPlus
Favorite Movie Themes!VariousSoloBeginnerA collection of themes from some popular movies. A bit more challenging than the Harry Potter book.SheetMusicPlus
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone: Selected Themes from the Motion PictureVictor LopezSoloBeginnerA collection of themes from the first Harry Potter movie. These can be played by 1, 2, or 3 horns.SheetMusicPlus
Classical Duets for AllArr. William RydenDuetBeginnerThese duets come in all keys, so they can be played by any two instruments.SheetMusicPlus
Second Book of Practical Studies for French HornRobert GetchellEtudeIntermediateA nice step-up in difficulty from Getchell’s first book. Some definite musical challenges with progressive technical challenges.SheetMusicPlus
Melodious Studies for French HornErwin MierschEtudeIntermediateThese start easy, but progress to ever more challenging, using a wide variety of key and time signatures. There are some nice duets found in this book as well.Amazon
Legato Etudes for French HornJohn ShoemakerEtudeIntermediateA collection of etudes focusing on lyrical and expressive playing, with additional attention given to dynamics, mid/low register, and bass clef reading.Amazon
*Kopprasch 60 Selected Studies for Horn - Book 1KoppraschEtudeIntermediateA classic horn etude book for just about any level of player. Lots of audition materials (All-State, etc.) come from this book.Amazon
Pottag-Hovey Method for French Horn, Book 2Pottag/HoveyEtudeIntermediateA great follow-up to the Pottag/Hovey Book 1. This introduces more advanced styles and concepts like transposition.SheetMusicPlus
*Preparatory Melodies to Solo Work (from Schantl)Max PottagEtudeIntermediateA collection of etudes with a wide variety of styles, keys, and musical challenges. Great for all players!Amazon
335 Selected Melodius Progressive and Technical Studies for Horn: Book 1Max Pottag and Albert AndraudEtudeIntermediate A collection  of many different etudes and a few solos as well. If you can only get one etude book, this is probably the most well-rounded, and will keep you busy for a long time!Amazon
*200 Studies in 6 Books #1: 70 Very Easy and Easy StudiesMaxime AlphonseEtudeIntermediateDon't let the "Very Easy to Easy" fool you, these aren't studies for the rank beginner. They do challenge you in a wide variety of ways, and the author provides little notes about common difficulties or problems.SheetMusicPlus
*200 Studies in 6 Books #2: 40 Easy StudiesMaxime AlphonseEtudeIntermediateA continuation of book 1, these are a bit more challenging. Great for challenging high school and college level players.SheetMusicPlus
Technical Studies for Solving Special Problems on the HornWilliam BrophyStudyIntermediateSome nice exercises and explanations for fixing common problem areas among all levels of horn player. Things like low and high register, stopped horn, multiple tonguing, and more!Amazon
*Lip Flexibilities for All InstrumentsBai LinStudyIntermediateThese run the gamut from useful to crazy, and many can be modified and extended for horn to challenge your flexibility in different ways.Amazon
*Musical Calesthenics for BrassCarmine CarusoStudyIntermediateCaruso was one of the premier pedagogues relating to the physicality of playing a brass instrument. His "method" is great for learning the full-body coordination that playing a brass instrument involves. Use ONLY with a good teacher!Amazon
Pares Scales for French HornGabriel ParesStudyIntermediateA great resource for learning and reviewing scales in all sorts of different rhythms and patterns. A great resource to use as a part of your warm-up!Amazon
Lord of the Rings Instrumental SolosHoward ShoreSoloIntermediateFun music with tunes from Lord of the Rings!SheetMusicPlus
Star Wars I-VI Instrumental SolosJohn WilliamsSoloIntermediateSome fun music featuring some of the most popular tunes from the first 6 Star Wars movies!SheetMusicPlus
Solos for the Horn PlayerMason JonesSoloIntermediateA great resource for Solo and Ensemble and other auditions/solo performance opportunities! With a wide range of styles and difficulties!Amazon
Four Horn Concertos and Concert RondoMozartSoloIntermediateThis is an inexpensive Mozart edition, and not that great. If you want all 4 concertos for a reasonable price, look at the Tuckwell Mozart edition belowSheetMusicPlus
Concerto 1 (K415/514) UrtextMozartSoloIntermediateIf you want the ultimate in authentic, you want an urtext edition. These are more expensive, but if you're serious about your Mozart - this is where you should start! There are two well-respected urtext publishers, Barenreiter and G. Henle Verlag.Henle-Verlag SheetMusicPlus
Barenreiter SheetMusicPlus
Concerto 2 (K417) UrtextMozartSoloIntermediateAn urtext edition of the second concerto.Henle-Verlag SheetMusicPlus
Barenreiter SheetMusicPlus
Concerto 3 (K447)MozartSoloIntermediateAn urtext edition of the third concerto.Henle-Verlag SheetMusicPlus
Barenreiter SheetMusicPlus
Concerto 4 (K495)MozartSoloIntermediateAn urtext edition of the fourth concerto.Henle-Verlag SheetMusicPlus
Barenreiter SheetMusicPlus
Four Horn Concerts, Concert Rondo, and FragmentsMozart/ed. TuckwellSoloIntermediateThis is a pretty good edition of all 4 concertos, plus the (newer edition) Concert Rondo, and K. 412 Rondo, as well as a fragment of Mozart's Horn Concerto in E (unfinished).SheetMusicPlus
Canadian Brass: Intermediate to Advanced Horn SolosCanadian BrassSoloIntermediateA similar collection to the Canadian Brass Easy solos (with piano part and digital accompaniments), but a bit more challenging.SheetMusicPlus
The Horn Collection - Intermediate LevelSchirmerSoloIntermediateA collection of 12 pieces by 12 different composers. Overall, a bit easier than the Mason Jones book (above), but a great resource all levels of player!Amazon
Eighteen Sacred and Spiritual SolosDaniel KelleySoloIntermediateGreat if you want to play in churches, or need some shorter filler pieces for a recital. Especially great for a younger player’s recital.SheetMusicPlus
Disney Move HitsVariousSoloIntermediateJust like the Star Wars book, but with Disney tunes!SheetMusicPlus
Baroque SuiteVariousTrioIntermediateFor three hornsSheetMusicPlus
40 Characteristic Etudes for French HornHenri KlingEtudeAdv IntermediateMore challenging than Kopprasch, but a slightly different flavor than Gallay or Maxime Alphonse.SheetMusicPlus
*12 Characteristic Studies for 2nd HornJacques Francois GallayEtudeAdv IntermediateCovering lots of idioms from the Classical and Romantic 2nd horn parts, this book requires both musicality and technique!SheetMusicPlus
*335 Selected Melodius Progressive and Technical Studies for Horn: Book 2Max Pottag and Albert AndraudEtudeAdv IntermediateA continuation of book 1. Lots of different etudes by a variety of different composers - these can keep you busy for a long while!SheetMusicPlus
*200 Studies in 6 Books for Horn #3: Average DifficultyMaxime AlphonseEtudeAdv IntermediateA continuation of books #1 and #2. Even more challenging in terms of endurance, range, rhythm, and musical demands.SheetMusicPlus
Rangesongs for HornFrench, RoseEtudeAdv IntermediateA collection of etudes designed to expand the range up and down. Each etude has a “target note” - high range goes from 3rd space C to C above the staff, while low range goes to pedal G.SheetMusicPlus
Solo Training for HornBoldin, JamesEtudeAdv IntermediateA collection of etudes designed to work on common challenges in solo repertoire. This etude collection takes those tricky licks and expands them into full etudes.SheetMusicPlus
Anthology of French Horn MusicRichard Moore and Eugene EttoreExcerptsAdv IntermediateNot really an etude book, but a collection of orchestral excerpts for horn. While there are more complete collections out there, this a good start and covers lots of the basics.SheetMusicPlus
Standley RoutineForrest StandleyStudyAdv IntermediateForrest Standley's (in)famous warmup, with scales, arpeggios, harmonic series studies, and more. Great for improving knowledge of keys, finger dexterity, and endurance!SheetMusicPlus
Embouchure Builder for French HornJoesph SingerStudyAdv IntermediateA great book with exercises to systemattically improve embouchure strength and control. Only recommended for intermediate to advanced players, and under the guidance of a good teacher!Amazon
*Daily Drills and Technical Studies for TromboneMax SchlossbergStudyAdv IntermediateWhile written for trombone, this book has some excellent flexibility, harmonic, and scale exercises. Plus, it’s great for keeping your bass clef reading in shape!Amazon
Alla CacciaAbbott, AlanSoloAdv IntermediateShort and moderately technical, this piece is a great little tune to end a recital with!SheetMusicPlus - Weiberger Ed.
Selected Songs (Vol. 1)Arr. Thomas BaconSoloAdv IntermediateA collection of short vocal works arranged for horn and piano.SheetMusicPlus
6 Cello Suites for HornBach, JS/arr Wendell HossSoloAdv IntermediateGreat arrangements of some of the best music ever written. These work a challenging register for most horn players. Extremely rewarding for both technique and musicality.SheetMusicPlus
Three Hymn Tune SettingsBasler, PaulSoloAdv IntermediateNice and playable settings of "Abide With Me", "Amazing Grace", and "Shall We Gather At The River".SheetMusicPlus
Creative Carols for HornHogan, EdSoloAdv Intermediate10 Christmas carols with unique and fun arrangements! Perfect for church services, holiday recitals, or just some fun music for the holiday season!SheetMusicPlus
Horn Sonata Op. 17BeethovenSoloAdv IntermediateA great sonata for horn and piano by Beethoven. Challenging for the horn player, but this piece has an especially fiendish piano part as well!SheetMusic Plus - Henle Ed.
WWBW - Tuckwell Ed.
Two Sonatas for French HornCherubini, LuigiSoloAdv IntermediateTwo short 1-movement sonatas.SheetMusicPlus - Schirmer Ed.
SheetMusicPlus - International Ed.
Pavane VarieeDamase, Jean-MichelSoloAdv IntermediateSheetMusic
BerceuseDamase, Jean-MichelSoloAdv IntermediateSheetMusicPlus
Sonata in E-flat major Op. 28Danzi, FranzSoloAdv IntermediateSheetMusicPlus - Masters Ed.
SheetMusicPlus - Hofmeister Ed.
VillanelleDukas, PaulSoloAdv IntermediateA solo with lots of different sections. Featuring parts played on natural horn, stopped horn, echo horn, and muted horn.SheetMusicPlus - Durand Ed.
SheetMusicPlus - Henle Ed.
SheetMusicPlus - International Ed.
Reveries Op. 24Glazunov, AlexanderSoloAdv IntermediateAnother great lyrical piece.SheetMusicPlus -Belaiff Ed.
SheetMusicPlus - Wiltshire Ed.
Romance Op. 35 No. 6Gliere, RheinholdSoloAdv IntermediateOne of a collection of short works for horn and piano by Gliere. These make great "filler" pieces for recitals or concerts.SheetMusicPlus - Internation Ed.
Valse Triste Op. 35 No. 7Gliere, RheinholdSoloAdv IntermediateAnother short piece by Gliere. Great filler material.SheetMusicPlus - Internation Ed.
Nocturne Op. 35 No. 10Gliere, RheinholdSoloAdv IntermediateAnother short piece by Gliere. Great filler material.SheetMusicPlus - International Ed.
Intermezzo Op. 35 No. 11Gliere, RheinholdSoloAdv IntermediateAnother short piece by Gliere. Great filler material.SheetMusicPlus - International Ed.
Canto SeriosoNielsen, CarlSoloAdv IntermediateNot too challenging, provided you can play a pedal G.SheetMusicPlus
Morceau de Concert Op. 94Saint-Saens, CamilleSoloAdv IntermediateAnother classical entry into the solo repertoire. This theme-and-variation piece has a lot of variety and is approachable for lots of students. It even has a couple of high Cs at the end.SheetMusicPlus - Belwin Ed.
SheetMusicPlus - Durand Ed.
SheetMusicPlus - Internation Ed.
Romance Op. 36Saint-Saens, CamilleSoloAdv IntermediateAn easy piece that makes a nice pairing with a more flashy piece.SheetMusicPlus - Durand Ed.
SheetMusicPlus - Henle Ed.
*The Horn Collection - Intermediate to Advanced LevelSchirmerSoloAdv IntermediateA collection of short works or movements of larger works for an advanced high school or college undergraduate horn player. A nice way to find a wide variety of more mature repertoire.Amazon
Concert and Contest Collection for French HornVoxmanSoloAdv IntermediateA great balance of more approachable solos in the beginning, and more challenging toward the end of the book.SheetMusicPlus
Nocturno Op. 7Strauss, FranzSoloAdv IntermediateA very nice Romantic-period piece for horn and piano. Very melodic and full of musical expression!SheetMusicPlus - Universal Ed.
Horn Concerto Op. 8Strauss, FranzSoloAdv IntermediateFairly approachable, although the ending of the first and third movements are quite technical.SheetMusicPlus - Schirmer Ed.
WWBW - Tuckwell Ed.
Horn Concerto #1, Op. 11 in E-flat MajorStrauss, RichardSoloAdv IntermediateOne of the most popular horn concertos ever written. A great introdution to Strauss, Romantic literature, and solo playing!SheetMusicPlus - International Ed.
SheetMusicPlus - Schirmer Ed.
Hunter's MoonVinter, GilbertSoloAdv IntermediateA great, fun piece for horn and piano. Not too hard, but has some great stopped-horn effects!SheetMusicPlus - Boosey & Hawkes Ed.
Four Easy PiecesWilder, AlecSoloAdv IntermediateJazzy, but not too difficult. A nice change of pace for a younger horn player looking for something different.SheetMusicPlus - Margun Ed.
The Essential HornDebussy, arr.MachalaSoloAdv IntermediateA collection of 4 Debussy pieces. Great musical challenge for more advanced players.SheetMusicPlus
100 Duets, Book 1Franz, OscarDuetAdv IntermediateThis volume contains 53 duets. They start off relatively simple, but get progressively more challengingSheetMusicPlus
40 Preludes Op. 27Jacques Francois GallayEtudeAdvancedThis collection features both measured and unmeasured preludes, to work not only technique, but also phrasing.SheetMusicPlus
21 Characteristic Etudes for High Horn PlayingMartin HacklemanEtudeAdvancedThese etudes focus on the upper register - high C and beyond - in a very lyrical and musical way.SheetMusicPlus
34 Characteristic Etudes for Low Horn PlayingMartin HacklemanEtudeAdvancedSimilar to the high horn etudes, except focusing on the lower register. Most include bass clef.SheetMusicPlus
200 Studies in 6 Books for Horn #4: Difficult EtudesMaxime AlphonseEtudeAdvancedEven more challenges than Book #3.SheetMusicPlus
201 Studies in 6 Books for Horn #5: Very Difficult EtudesMaxime AlphonseEtudeAdvancedEven more challenges than Book #4.SheetMusicPlus
202 Studies in 6 Books for Horn #6: Virtuosic EtudesMaxime AlphonseEtudeAdvancedEven more challenges than Book #5. Tres ridiculous.SheetMusicPlus
48 Etudes for French HornVerne ReynoldsEtudeAdvancedWritten in a very contemporary style. Focus on each interval from the half step to the octave, as well as a wide variety of other horn skils (stopped horn, double tonguing, etc.).SheetMusicPlus
Blues and Variations for MonkAmram, DavidSoloAdvancedFor horn alone. In memory of Thelonious Monk. Jazzy, with extended techniques (growl, tapping the bell like a cymbal, etc).SheetMusicPlus
Fantasy & Variations on the Carnival of VeniceArban, Jean-Baptiste/Arr. Eric RuskeSoloAdvancedA transcription and variation on the classic work for solo cornet.SheetMusicPlus
Serenade for Horn and PianoBasler, PaulSoloAdvancedA wonderful, energetic work for horn and piano.RM Williams
Elegia for Natural hornBaumann, HermannSoloAdvancedFor horn alone. Meant to be played on an F natural horn (without valves). Makes extensive use of right hand.SheetMusicPlus
The Glass Bead Game: Concerto for hornBeckel, JamesSoloAdvancedBased (loosely) on the Herman Hesse novel of the same name.SheetMusicPlus
En ForetBozza, EugeneSoloAdvancedA very virtuosic piece, encompassing the many moods of the forest - from brash to meditative.SheetMusicPlus - Alphonse Leduc Ed.
Pieces for Horn SoloBuyanovsky, VitalySoloAdvancedFive pieces for horn alone. Espana is probably the most popular of the 5, but they are all very interesting and approachable solo horn works.Hickeys
Sonata for Horn and PianoEwazen, EricSoloAdvancedSheetMusicPlus
Concerto for HornEwazen, EricSoloAdvancedSheetMusicPlus
Autumn RondoEwazen, EricSoloAdvancedA short, but energetic piece. Great to close out a recital for an energetic audience!SheetMusicPlus
Concerto in B-flat major Op. 91Gliere, RheinholdSoloAdvancedEssentialy the "Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto" for horn. Long, taxing, and with an incredible cadenza (by premier performer Valery Polekh).SheetMusicPlus - International Ed.
Concerto for Horn in D major #1Haydn, F. J.SoloAdvancedSheetMusicPlus - Kalmus Ed.
Concerto for Horn in D major #2Haydn, F. J.SoloAdvancedSheetMusicPlus - Kalmus Ed.
Sonata for Horn and PianoHeiden, BernhardSoloAdvancedModern, but tonal. Fun to play (and listen to) but shifting time signatures in the 3rd movement require work for ensemble.SheetMusicPlus
Jazz Set for Solo HornHill, DouglasSoloAdvancedFor horn alone. With quite a few extended techniques (half-valve, ghost tones, etc.) to capture an improvisatory style.SheetMusicPlus
Sonata for Horn and PianoHindemith, PaulSoloAdvancedDisjunct (but melodic) intervals and complicated rhythms make this a great challenging introduction in the 20th century solo horn repertoire.SheetMusicPlus - Schott Ed.
Sonata for Alto Horn and PianoHindemith, PaulSoloAdvancedWritten for the Eb Alto (sometimes called Tenor) horn.SheetMusicPlus - Schott Ed.
Horn ConcertoHindemith, PaulSoloAdvancedSheetMusicPlus
Concerto for Horn and StringsJacob, GordonSoloAdvancedAn early 20th century horn concerto. Flashy and musical.SheetMusicPlus - Schirmer Ed.
Introduction and RondoKalliwoda, JohannSoloAdvancedSheetMusicPlus
IntradaKetting, OttoSoloAdvancedFor horn alone (as in, no piano). SheetMusicPlus - Donemus Ed.
Scherzo Brillante Op. 96Koetsier, JanSoloAdvancedShort, but challenging.SheetMusicPlus
LaudatioKrol, BerhandSoloAdvancedFor horn alone (as in, no piano). SheetMusicPlus - Simrock Ed.
Scherzo ConcertanteNelhybel, VaclavSoloAdvancedNot technically challenging, but Nelhybel's typical rhythmic style makes counting and ensemble a challenge.SheetMusicPlus
BagatelleNeuling, HermannSoloAdvancedA challenging piece for low horn and pianoJW Pepper
Parable for Solo HornPersichetti, VincentSoloAdvancedAnother for horn alone.SheetMusicPlus - Presser Ed.
Air de ChassePiantoni, LouisSoloAdvancedSheetMusicPlus
Elegie for Horn and PianoPoulenc, FrancisSoloAdvancedWritten in memory of the great horn player Dennis Brain.SheetMusicPlus
Sonata in E-flat major Op. 178Rheinberger, JosephSoloAdvancedA late Romantic-period sonata. Very nice writing for both the horn and piano, although the 3 movements have very little rests for the horn.SheetMusicPlus - Schott Ed.
Sonata in F major Op. 34Ries, FerdinandSoloAdvancedLate Classical - similar in some respects to the Beethoven horn sonata.SheetMusicPlus - Schott Ed.
Concerto in E-flat major (IM 1977)Rosetti, F. AntonioSoloAdvancedA contemporary of Mozart. These concertos make great Classical-era concertos after Mozart.SheetMusicPlus - International Ed.
Concerto in E-flat major (IM 3084)Rosetti, F. AntonioSoloAdvancedSheetMusicPlus - International Ed.
Concerto in D minor (HL 48018125)Rosetti, F. AntonioSoloAdvancedProbably the most famous of Rosetti's horn concertos.SheetMusicPlus - Simrock Ed.
Adagio and Allegro Op. 70Schumann, RobertSoloAdvancedOne of the first pieces written for the valved horn. A test of musicality, technique, and endurance!SheetMusicPlus - Henle Ed.
SheetMusicPlus - Tuckwell Ed.
WWBW - Tuckwell Ed.
Horn Concerto #2 in E-flat majorStrauss, RichardSoloAdvancedWritten late in life, this concerto is both musically and physically taxing. Very modern harmonically, but very pleasing and melodic.SheetMusicPlus - Boosey & Hawkes Ed.
Andante, Op. posthStrauss, RichardSoloAdvancedComposed for his parent's wedding anniversary it was unpublished until after Richard's death.SheetMusicPlus - Boosey & Hawkes Ed.
Concerto in DTelemann, Georg PhilippSoloAdvancedA nice introduction to Baroque solo literature, this piece doesn't go up too high (only a high B)!SheetMusicPlus - Tuckwell Ed.
Jazz CaféVarious/ed. Thomas BaconSoloAdvancedJazz isn't exactly a comfortable style for many horn players, but this compilation can help fix that problem!SheetMusicPlus
Five Love SongsWilder, AlecSoloAdvancedWritten for horn and chamber orchestra, these are short but great to sandwich in between more "serious" recital works.SheetMusicPlus - IWP Ed.
Suite for Horn and PianoWilder, AlecSoloAdvancedA melding of jazz and classical harmonies and styles is evident in this 5-movement work for horn and piano.SheetMusicPlus - Margun Ed.
Sonata No. 1 for Horn and PianoWilder, AlecSoloAdvancedThree movements, and with Alec Wilder's typicall jazz influence.SheetMusicPlus - Margun Ed.
Sonata No. 2 for Horn and PianoWilder, AlecSoloAdvancedAnother jazzy/classical piece by Alec Wilder.SheetMusicPlus -Margun Ed.
Sonata No. 3 for Horn and PianoWilder, AlecSoloAdvancedAnother sonata by Alec Wilder with his characteristic jazzy voice.SheetMusicPlus - Margun Ed.
Concerto for Horn and OrchestraWilliams, JohnSoloAdvancedAlthough written by the famed film composer, this is NOT the same as his movie music. Very challenging.SheetMusicPlus - Hal Leonard Ed.
Twenty Duos for Horns in Different KeysDauprat, LouisDuetAdvancedEach duet part is in a different transposition. A great way to practice transpositions and have some fun at the same time!SheetMusicPlus
Tis the Season Vol. 2Schaeffer, DonDuetIntermediateWonderful, short Christmas duets for two horns. SheetMusicPlus
15 Classical TranscriptionsKling, HenryDuetAdvanced15 duets of famous classical works from opera, symphonies, and chamber works.SheetMusicPlus
Eight DuetsKoppraschDuetAdvancedChallenging duets, but these would be great for a two-horn recital.SheetMusicPlus
Twenty Concertante DuetsPunto, GiovanniDuetAdvancedChallenging for both first and second horn.SheetMusicPlus - Masters Ed.
Six Duets for Horn and CelloWilder, AlecDuetAdvancedSheetMusicPlus - Margun Ed.
12 Duets for Horn and TubaWilder, AlecDuetAdvancedSheetMusicPlus - Margun Ed.
Trio in E-flat major Op. 40Brahms, JohannesTrioAdvancedFor violin, horn and piano. A great work for all three instruments.SheetMusicPlus - International Ed.
SheetMusicPlus - Barenreiter Ed.
TrioDamase, Jean-MichelTrioAdvancedTrio for horn, oboe, and piano.SheetMusicPlus
Trio for Horn, Violin, and PianoEwazen, EricTrioAdvancedSheetMusicPlus
Ballade, Pastorale, and DanceEwazen, EricTrioAdvancedFor horn, flute, and pianoSheetMusicPlus
Gold Coast HarmonyEwazen, EricTrioAdvancedFor two horns and piano.SheetMusicPlus
TrioLigeti, GyorgyTrioAdvancedA rhythmically and musically challenging work for violin, horn, and piano.SheetMusicPlus
Suite for Clarinet, Horn, and PianoWilder, AlecTrioAdvancedSheetMusicPlus - Margun Ed.
Suite No. 1 for Horn, Tuba, and PianoWilder, AlecTrioAdvancedSheetMusicPlus - Margun Ed.
Woodland QuartetEwazen, EricQuartetAdvancedFor four hornsSheetMusicPlus
Quartet from the HeartlandEwazen, EricQuartetAdvancedFor a quartet of horn, trumpet, flute, and piano.SheetMusicPlus
Easy Collection of Horn QuartetsVarious/arr. David MarlattQuartetBeginnerA great introduction to quartet playing for younger studentsSheetMusicPlus
Pathways for horn quartetBuss, HowardQuartetAdv IntermediateChallenging in ensemble and harmonic language, but not too high or too technical.SheetMusicPlus
Nineteen Viennese Horn Quartets Vol. 1Various/arr. William ScharnbergQuartetAdv IntermediateFrom the mid-19th century. These traditional quartets (in 4 volumes) offer lots of musical challenges!SheetMusicPlus
Nineteen Viennese Horn Quartets Vol. 2Various/arr. William ScharnbergQuartetAdv IntermediateSheetMusicPlus
Nineteen Viennese Horn Quartets Vol. 3Various/arr. William ScharnbergQuartetAdv IntermediateSheetMusicPlus
Nineteen Viennese Horn Quartets Vol. 4Various/arr. William ScharnbergQuartetAdv IntermediateSheetMusicPlus
Hogwarts Forever - Horn QuartetWilliams, JohnQuartetAdv IntermediateSheetMusicPlus
Christmas Holiday Quartet CollectionVarious/arr. Greg McleanQuartetAdv Intermediate10 holiday classical for 4 horns!SheetMusicPlus

This is not a complete list of French horn music for younger students – you can find a lot of other music over at the French horn music result list at

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Other Musical Resources

The Internation Music Score Library Project (IMSLP) has a large amount of public domain classical music. A list of pieces on IMSLP featuring the horn can be found here.

A word of caution, though. While there are some good things to be found, many of these editions are old, out-of-date, or inaccurate. They are fine to use as an introduction to a piece, but you should be sure to purchase a good edition sooner rather than later!

Horn Orchestral Excerpt Resources

Other Horn Music Stores

  • Robert King Music: Now part of Alphonse-Leduc, they have a wide variety of horn music (as well as just about every other ensemble). The website is a bit of a pain to navigate, though.
  • G. Henle Verlag: A German publisher with some excellent urtext (an edition written to reproduce the original as closely as possible, with minimal editorial editions) editions of Classical and Romantic era horn music. Mozart, Beethoven, Schumann, Dukas, and others. I linked several Henle editions above – buying these editions from has generally faster shipping than buying directly from the publisher.
  • Thompson Edition: In addition to the above-mentioned orchestral repertoire book, Thompson Edition does have some other music for sale.
  • RM Williams Publishing: Specializing in new chamber works for horn, this is a good place to find a lot of new works by Paul Basler.
  • Mountain Peak Music: Wonderful pedagogical musical resources for brass teachers and students.
  • Robert  Ostermeyer Musikedition: A good source for all manner of Classical and Romantic era French horn music. A lot of lesser-known or hard-to-find music is available here. They also have scores for horn concerti as well as offering rental parts for performances.

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