Another [Great] Julie Landsman Interview!

It looks like Julie Landsman is making the rounds to all sorts of different musical blogs, and her insights continue to be both interesting and energizing!

A few weeks ago I posted about several different interviews that Julie Landsman has done – two different Horn Hangouts with Sarah Willis, an interview at, and her awesome Caruso video series – and it looks like she’s not done yet!

Earlier in July she posted a great interview with Noa Kageyama over at, and it’s well worth a listen (or a read).

While there is definitely some overlap in all three interviews, she also goes more in-depth on some very interesting topics with Noa, like subdivision, mental focus in practice and performance, talent vs. discipline, and swimming in 12/8.

It’s well worth the 30 minute listen. And once you’re done with that, you can go back and catch up on the other Julie Landsman interviews or take a look at a whole bunch of horn masterclasses from a variety of different teachers.