[UPDATE: Not Dead Yet] Moosewood Mouthpieces: Closed

Update: While it looks like Tom Greer (the creator of Moosewood Mouthpieces) may be backing out of the mouthpiece manufacturing game, Mark Atkinson and Atkinson Horns will be carrying on Tom’s fabulous line of mouthpieces. It looks like Tom’s excellent craftsmanship will continue to be available.

Original Post:

Some sad news for all sorts of French horn players – Moosewood Mouthpieces seems to be out of business for good.

moosewood logo

Moosewood Mouthpieces has been in business since 1990 and was the maker of some of the most popular mouthpieces among horn players. The owner and founder of Moosewood, Tom Greer, was able to recommend (and then produce) a great mouthpiece for just about any instrument, player, and performance requirement.

About Moosewood Mouthpieces

Moosewood had a wide range of “standard” models (you can find lots of them on my Mouthpiece Comparison chart) and also produced many different custom pieces. Like many mouthpiece makers, the cups and rims listed on his site were only a sampling of what he could (and did) do. In addition to mouthpieces for the modern single, double, and triple horns, Moosewood also produced a variety of period-specific mouthpieces for natural horn (both cor alto and cor basso), Vienna horn (again, in a number of styles), mellophone, tenor horn, and Wagner tuba.

A Mouthpiece For (Almost) Everyone

I’ve used several Moosewood mouthpieces over the last 15 years – from the classic B cup to the giant bore E cup, to the intriguing V-style cups – he had a well-deserved reputation as a master mouthpiece maker.

He and his products will be sorely missed.