Some Social Distancing Distractioning

This week, I’ve found a few interesting and uplifting videos (and a bit of self-promotion at the end) to give you a break from all the COVID news.


First up, we have a TED Talk by travel writer Pico Iyer. This was recorded well before the current COVID-19 situation (in August of 2014), but his ideas have little to do with physical travel.

Instead, he talks about taking some time to be physically and mentally still, and how this kind of mental exercise can find opportunity in even some of the worst experiences.

Julliard Performance

This pandemic has been incredibly difficult for students. While this is definitely my personal bias showing, I think some of the hardest-hit students are those in the performing arts.

Julliard confronted this head-on, with over 100 current and alumni coming together to produce this great rendition of Bolero, featuring students from jazz and classical music programs, as well as dancers, singers, and actors.

It really is a great collaboration from all branches of the performing arts present at Julliard, and has great moments of both sadness and jubilance.

Peter and the Wolf: Typograph Style

This really interesting rendition of Peter and the Wolf features live musicians, and the various characters are depicted by some very creative typography animation.

A Bit of Self-Promotion

I’m not alone in missing performing (and even rehearsing). One of the more enjoyable things I’ve done during this time of social isolation was this recording of Don’t Stand So Close To Me that I did with my brass group, Small Batch Brass.

We have another one in the works, rest assured I’ll put that up here when it’s ready to be released!

I hope these have given you at least a little bit of distraction – stay safe (and stay at home as much as you can)!