WordPress Maintenance Plan

Keeping your website up-to-date is much more than just adding new content.

With the popularity of WordPress, keeping your site’s backend plugins and themes up-to-date is absolutely essential for keeping your site secure and under your control.

To help ease this burden for individuals and small businesses, I’m offering a special price on my WordPress Maintenance Plan.

The WordPress Maintenance Plan

First things first – the special price is $150/year (billed annually) or $15/month (billed monthly) .

Here’s what you get:

  • Weekly plugin and WordPress core updates.
  • Weekly security checks.
  • Monthly backups of your site and database.
  • Up to 1 hour of work on your site for FREE every month. (This includes the above maintenance, adding/updating content, SEO, layout tweaks, etc.)
  • Additional work (beyond 1 hour) will get a 30% discount ($40/hr) off my normal rate ($60/hr). No extra work will be done without your consent – you’ll be notified in writing before any additional billable work happens.

Why Do I Need This?

If you want to manage your plugins, updates, and backups yourself – you don’t!

However, every month there are new plugin vulnerabilities disclosed, and sometimes it’s only a matter of days (or hours) before those exploits are seen “in-the-wild”.

Updating your WordPress once every few months leaves your site wide open to attacks. These could be minor (erasing all your pages) or major (losing control of your entire website).

Needless to say, you not only want to prevent these attacks but be prepared if and when they happen!

For Existing Customers/New Sites

If you want to update your website (or you don’t have one at all), then you’ll get a special 20% discount on my annual WordPress Maintenance Plan ($120 vs. $150).

You’ll keep your special low price as long as you renew annually!

If you want to enroll, please contact me!